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Company basketball game

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Update time : 2019-10-11 15:36:00
Company basketball game
In order to enrich the employees' spare time, enhance the cohesion and team spirit among employees, and realize the spirit of competition, on December 2nd, the basketball game held by Macrosafe Technology Co., Ltd. was held in the Guanlan Stadium as scheduled.

The contestants actively participated in the game in the sports spirit of friendship first, competition second, and participation. With the referee's whistle, the entire stadium became active. Each player actively moved and covered for his teammates From time to time, there are clever passing, beautiful coordination and wonderful layup. In the double confrontation of strength and skill, occasionally athletes collide or even fall, but this does not affect the game.

The colleagues watching the game from the sidelines also watched the game with great interest, cheering for the participating colleagues, and blending with the atmosphere in the stadium.
The basketball game not only enriches the spare time of employees, but also reflects the company's corporate spirit of focusing on cultivating employees' comprehensive quality. At the same time, strengthen the in-depth implementation of corporate culture, enhance the friendship between employees, and cultivate unity and cooperation.

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