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People counting & capacity turnstile system
For some public places and facilities, in addition to denying unauthorized access, managers also want to limit the number of people entering the building or designated area. For example, in clubs, restaurants, museums, gyms, playgrounds, etc., it is necessary to limit the capacity.

Especially in this epidemic era, the turnstile counting system can well avoid crowds exceeding the load, thus ensuring the health and safety of visitors. Administrators can limit the number of visitors according to their own needs. Once the capacity is full, the gate will no longer be open for traffic. Contactless access, without human supervision, gives users a more friendly and warm experience.
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System Structure
LED screen display management
When the user swipes his card to enter and exit, all information such as his name, department, etc. are displayed on the large LED screen, which is convenient for the guard to check whether the card and the person are consistent.
Real-time monitoring and camera functions
When the user into and out of the site, the camera will be activated and simultaneously takes a picture of him.
People Counting function
The number of people in each department on the site will be displayed on the LED screen.
Personnel recognition function
Only those with real-name cards issued can enter and leave the construction site. If an invalid card is swiped, the turnstile gates will not open.
Anti-passback function, multi-door mutual anti-passback
Effectively reduce the possibility that multiple people enter the site with the same card, thus eliminating the entry and exit of non-staff.
Limited functions
Limit the use frequency of cards, and the time range can be daily, monthly, yearly, etc.
Detailed report function
All access information will be recorded, such as time, name, entry or exit, etc., and all record data can be inquired at any time, and detailed reports can be generated on demand.
Attendance function
It can query the attendance record and attendance statistical analysis report of the day, the current month, or any designated period in real-time. It supports output and print.
Data backup and restore
After the management computer fails, or the system needs to be rebooted, the system data can be easily restored without worrying about the trouble of data loss.
Football Stadium Turnstiles
Football Stadium Turnstiles
Football stadium turnstiles are designed to be installed at the entry points of football stadiums to control the flow of spectators entering the venue. It helps management to ensure that only those with valid tickets or access are permitted to enter.
Automatic License Plate Recognition Parking System
Automatic License Plate Recognition Parking System
The license plate recognition system is an advanced parking lot management system, which can automatically identify the license plate number, license plate color, reliability and other vehicle information in real time and accurately.
Speed Gate Turnstile 
Speed Gate Turnstile 
With cylindrical compact and modern design, speed gate turnstile  MS06S is especially suitable for aisles, corridors, side doors and other places with limited spaces. It is also compatible with a variety of access control systems.
Automatic Retractable Bollards
Automatic Retractable Bollards
Automatic Retractable bollards are traffic barriers that can be raised or lowered as needed to allow or prevent access to certain areas. They can be controlled with the use of a key, remote control or manual crank.
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