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Ticket Turnstile System(QR code/Barcode)
Ticket turnstile system is an access control gate integrated with a ticket management system. It allows people with valid tickets to enter and rejects those without tickets or expired tickets.
Tickets can be electronic or paper QR codes or barcodes. The ticket turnstile system can effectively help scenic spots and amusement parks improve ticket management, business development, scenic spot marketing, and tourism experience. A complete ticketing system covers various terminals such as on-site, online, mobile phones, self-service kiosks, etc., bringing the advanced experience to tourists.
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System Structure
Multiple payment methods
Offer on-site tickets, online tickets, mobile tickets, and ticket vending machines; Multiple payment methods: cash, bank card, credit card, etc.;
Multiple verification ways
Support verify paper tickets, ID cards, faces, mobile phone QR codes, etc.
Quick access
Tourists who book tickets online or on mobile phones can directly use their ID cards or mobile phone QR codes to verify by the turnstile gates of the scenic area without queuing to obtain tickets.
Accurate financial statements
Financial data of online, offline, and various distributors can be viewed in the system.
Flexible settings
The system supports custom settings for a variety of operating parameters.
Safe and stable
The electronic ticketing system must have good stability and security considerations to ensure data and financial security.
Beautiful and practical
A variety of elegant and beautifully designed turnstiles are available to better integrate with the scenic spot and enhance the image. 
Improve the efficiency
Improve the efficiency of tourists entering the park, Effectively prevent the security risks caused by tourists crowded at the entrance waiting for checking tickets.
Support software and hardware customization
MACROSAFE has a professional R&D and after-sales team, which support customization based on your needs.
Waist High Turnstile
Waist High Turnstile
Waist height turnstile is a kind of turnstile gate with a physical barrier that reaches the height of the human waist, which can provide one-way or two-way contactless passage according to demand.
Barrier Gate for Car Parking
Barrier Gate for Car Parking
Modern and sophisticated design with red and green LED lights on top, MS-P001barrer gate is ideal for vehicle access control in commercial buildings, shopping malls, technology parks, cultural institutions, etc.
Best Turnstile Mechanism & Turnstile Parts 2023
Best Turnstile Mechanism & Turnstile Parts 2023
Turnstile mechanism is its heart, which plays a vital role in ensuring the long-term stable operation of the turnstile gate. With heavy duty and reliable design, turnstile mechanism can withstand heavy load and high frequency use.
Pedestrian Swing Gate
Pedestrian Swing Gate
Up to 1.6 meter height tempered glass swings, the MS05S sliding speed gate is a perfect solution for entrances where require absolute safety. And its streamlined arc design and intuitive lighting guidance greatly enhance the user's aesthetic pleasure.
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