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Construction Site Turnstiles System
The construction site turnstiles system, just as its name implies, is to set up an access control system at the entrance and exit of the construction site. It combines construction turnstiles which can be opened by swiping cards, passwords, fingerprints, face recognition and other verification methods, and video capture technology to strengthen the management of the entry and exit, and attendance of construction site workers. At the same time, it can count the number of people entering and exiting and display personnel information in real-time. Thus construction site access helps to prevent non-employees from entering and ensures higher working quality and the safety of property.
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System Structure

LED screen display management
When the staff swipes his card in and out, all information such as his name, department, type of work, and the photo is displayed on the large LED screen, which is convenient for the guard to check whether the card and the staff are consistent.
Real-time monitoring and camera functions
When the staff swipes card to enter or leave, the camera will be activated and simultaneously takes a picture of him and save it in the system. 
People counting function
The construction site access will count the number of staff (in and out) in each department on the LED/LCD display in real-time.
Personnel recognition function
Only those with real-name cards issued can enter and leave the construction site. If someone swipes an invalid card, the construction turnstile will not open.
Anti-passback function, multi-door mutual anti-passback
Effectively reduce the possibility that one card allows multiple people to enter the construction site, thus eliminating the entry and exit of non-staff.
Limited functions
Limit the use frequency of cards, and the time range can be daily, monthly, yearly, etc. To restrict staff from opening construction turnstiles during non-working hours to enter the construction site.
Detailed report function
All access information will be recorded, such as time, name, entry or exit, etc., and all record data can be inquired at any time, and detailed reports can be generated on demand.
Attendance function
Macrosafe construction site access system can query the attendance record and attendance statistical analysis report of the day, the current month, or any designated period in real-time, support output, and print.
Data backup and restore
After the management computer fails, or the system needs to be rebooted, the system data can be easily restored without worrying about the trouble of data loss.
High Speed Gate
High Speed Gate
When you are tired of boring and tedious swing doors, the beautiful and distinctive high speed gate is the perfect option. With a half-height and slender body, elegant and stylish design, it provides faster traffic flow for heavy traffic buildings.
Turnstile System
Turnstile System
The turnstile system is composed of turnstile gate and access control, usually installed at the entrance and exit of the building.
Pedestrian Turnstile
Pedestrian Turnstile
Pedestrian turnstile is a kind of gate that can effectively control the flow of people. By integrating with access control system, they can reliably allow registered access and deny unregistered access without security monitoring.
Glass Security Turnstiles
Glass Security Turnstiles
Up to 1.6 meter height tempered glass swings, MS07Y glass security turnstiles is a perfect solution for entrances where require absolute safety. And its streamlined arc design and intuitive lighting guidance greatly enhance the user's aesthetic pleasure。
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