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5 Key Benefits of Construction Turnstiles

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Update time : 2022-09-01 12:35:00

1. 4 most popular turnstile gates for construction site

2. Why construction sites need security turnstiles?

3. 5 key benefits of construction turnstiles

As we all know, there are many people on the construction site, and there may be multiple outsourced engineering teams working at the same time. The construction period of each construction team is not the same. As the personnel mobility is high, administrator cannot check whether there are non-construction personnel mixed into the construction site. Security risks. In addition, the time for construction personnel to enter and exit the site is generally relatively concentrated, and it is difficult to count the construction personnel on the site, which increases the difficulty of attendance. Macrosafe construction site access can solve the above problems well, and effectively identify and control the flow of people in and out of the construction site.Before setting up construction site access, we need to choose the right turnstile gate according to the needs of the building site. Here are 4 most popular turnstile gates for construction site:
1.Full Height Turnstile-MS01Q2
MS01Q2 full height turnstile is ideal choice for construction site where need high security but without manned monitoring. With a sturdy and waterproof fully enclosed stainless steel housing, the full-height gate can provide the greatest degree of safety even in harsh outdoor conditions. The design that only one person can pass at a time can effectively prevent trailing and prevent non-workers from entering the construction site. Furthermore, MS01Q2 provides dual-channel traffic, which is suitable for construction sites with a large number of workers, ensuring high traffic efficiency and preventing personnel from being stranded.
full height turnstile for construction sites

2.Tripod Turnstile-MS03G
Many building contractors have preference for MS03G tripod turnstiles. Tripod turnstile can effectively restrict outsiders from entering the construction site. Combined with the attendance system, it can record the attendance management of employees. The tripod turnstile only allows one person to pass at a time, which can avoid accidents due to congestion. When a major event occurs on the construction site and the crowd needs to be evacuated as soon as possible, the manager can turn off the power to the tripod turnstile, the arm of tripod turnstile will Auttomatically drop down enables the barrier-free traffic mode, so that people can leave in time and efficiently.

tripod turnstile for construction sites
3.Swing Barrier Gate-MS01B
The passageway width of MS01B swing barrier gate is optional from 600mm to 1200mm. The wide passageway is suitable for the transportation of materials and electric bicycles, that is why many site managers like this model. With the anti-collision movement design, MS01B swing barrier gate is able to withstand impact without being damaged. Furthermore, the installation and wiring are quite simple, the overall cost is low by reducing the cost of larbor and materials. When the budget is limited, MS01B is a very nice option.

swing barrier gate for construction site

4. Flap barrier gate-MS01Y
Flap barrier gate MS01Y provides a higher throughput which makes it suitable for construction sites with a very large flow of people. At the same time, advanced optical detection technology effectively prevents trailing and prevents unauthorized persons from entering. Cooperated with RFID system or face recognition system, it help managers to more conveniently count attendance and calculate employee salaries.

flap barrier for construction sites

2. Why construction site need security turnstiles?

With the rapid development of urban construction, urban road construction and real estate development and construction can be seen everywhere. Urban modernization is an ideal workplace for many migrant workers. It can also be said that without a large number of migrant workers participating in urban construction and construction, there would be no beautiful modern city. The construction of the city is responsible for the major task of creating a safe home for the people and land for enterprises.
construction site acess
In order to ensure the safety of construction sites, prevent non-workers from entering and leaving the site at will, strengthen site safety production management, and reduce accidents and labor disputes caused by the construction process on the site, it is very necessary to strictly manage the personnel entering and leaving the site. However, relying solely on security management is time-consuming and laborious, at this time the intelligent pedestrian passage turnstiles can solve this problem well.
The outer casing of the pedestrian turnstile is made of stainless steel, sun-proof and waterproof, and it can also perform its function well in the open-air environment of the construction site.  Macrosafe pedestrian turnstiles control method adopts a DC brushless motor, which can accurately control the movement of the door wings. The brushless motor has a long service life, stable operation and fast passage speed. It has mechanical and infrared dual anti-pinch functions, including illegal intrusion, trailing, and passage. Overtime automatic alarm function. Faced with the complex construction site environment, how to accurately know the number of people trapped and the specific location of the construction personnel when encountering emergencies, promptly carry out rescue work to ensure the safety of workers; the intelligent pedestrian turnstiles is equipped with an access control and attendance system, which can perform construction on the construction site Personnel information is registered and stored, and the information collection, data statistics and information inquiry of workers entering and exiting the construction site are effectively managed, so as to realize all-round intelligent comprehensive management of "attendance, access control, monitoring, and information release".
construction site turnstile
There are swing barrier gate, flap barrier gates, tripod turnstiles and full height turnstiles for controlling access on the construction site, which can be equipped with a face recognition system, a smart card system, and a fingerprint verification system. When workers pass the pedestrian turnstiles, that is, swipe their cards before tripod turnstile gates and swing gates on the construction site, the corresponding access turnstiles will be opened after verification, so as to realize effective control of personnel entering and exiting the construction site; while pedestrian turnstiles are opened, the camera captures photos in real time.
In order to compare in the background. At the same time, the records of workers entering and leaving the construction site are uploaded to the management platform and used as attendance data, so that the attendance has a basis to avoid labor disputes and protect the rights and interests of workers. Pedestrian turnstiles are equipped with a face recognition system that can capture images of people entering and exiting at any time and automatically save them.
The pedestrian turnstiles have the function of offline operation, automatically open the door after power failure, anti-tailing, and one-key alarm functions. For suspicious persons who cross, forcibly pass or illegally pass through the pedestrian turnstiles, its system will automatically start the monitor and send out real-time alarm information to facilitate the security personnel to deal with it in time.


3. 5 Key Benefits of Construction Turnstiles

With the rapid economic development and the continuous increase of urban construction in various regions, the modern safety management awareness of real estate developers and urban construction management departments is continuously enhanced, and the requirements and levels of safety management are also continuously improved. In order to improve the safety of the construction site, strictly control the pedestrians traffic enter and leave construction site, all entrances and exits of the construction site should install the construction site access which combines construstion turstile (tripod turnstile, swing gates, wing gates, full height turnstile, etc.) with various access control systems. It is mandatory for the staff of the construction site to swipe his own authorized card (or face recognition,fingerprint ) to enter the construction site. Non-worksite personnel cannot enter the construction site without registration and authorization. This eliminates potential safety hazards and effectively protects the property.

1. Make management more convenient.
Achieve automatic sub-item statistical summary, timely and accurate information feedback. It can effectively make statistics on the construction personnel entering the site, and can also accurately count the attendance data, and can also generate various attendance data statistics tables from management personnel to subcontracted teams. Moreover, it can also help companies conduct more accurate analysis, including input analysis and engineering efficiency analysis.

2. Improve the safety of the construction site.
Construction site access can effectively prevent idlers and even thieves from entering the construction site by installing construction turnstiles, effectively guarantee the personal safety of the staff, and prevent the loss of construction materials, equipment and other property.
3. Improve work efficiency. Attendance data information can be retained and interrelated. The site access control can help the headquarters and subsidiaries to better coordinate and manage the efficiency and staff status to improve their work efficiency and work quality.

4. Very easy to operate.
The access control system has the characteristics of easy operation, the computer operation level reaches the elementary management, and the personnel, after simple training, can master the operation essentials of the system, and can reach the operation level that can complete the duty task.

5. Low cost and high efficiency.
The shortcomings of the traditional manual attendance plus monitoring system are obvious: attendance is easy to be faked, data is numerous and statistics are easy to make mistakes, and monitoring requires constant attention, high labor cost and low efficiency. Construction site access does not require manpower, reducing costs, intelligent management of attendance information, and improving efficiency.