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Top 5 Best-Selling Glass Turnstiles

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1. What is a glass turnstile? 
Nowadays, turnstile gates have been widely used in various places of life. Whether it is a living environment or an office environment, the vision of the people is always safety and comfort. As we can in real life, turnstile gates have been installed in many places such as office buildings, enterprises, and institutions, government departments, etc. On the one hand, it is more efficient and convenient than traditional manual management. On the other hand, it is also to strengthen the control of personnel passages and avoid random people entering and leaving at will. With the wide application of turnstile gates and people's pursuit of beauty, Macrosafe has launched a more Artistic and aesthetic turnstile - Glass Turnstile.
The traditional turnstile chassis is mainly made of stainless steel, while the Glass turnstile, as the name suggests, is made of tempered glass. As a result, the size of the product is slimmer, the installation footprint is extremely small, and the elegant and high-end design can make the glass turnstile and the building more integrated and complement each other. It is a product that combines high efficiency, safety, and craftsmanship. Compared with a traditional turnstile, its lifetime is longer and more durable. It has extremely high control precision and extremely fast response speed. It adopts low-voltage control and meets the security product standards to ensure the safety of passers-by. The door panel material is tempered glass or plexiglass.

2. Top 5 best-selling glass turnstiles in 2023-2024
Top 1- Glass Speed Gate MS03S
90% of the MS03S cabinet is made of tempered glass, and the fuselage is slimmer and can be better integrated with the building. MS03S glass turnstile not only adopts servo drive mode + imported industrial-grade precision planetary reducer, the opening/closing time only needs 0.2s, achieves fast response, the running accuracy is ≤0.2°, and the sound volume is as low as 30-60DB, achieving the "silent" effect, while the average 18 million times of trouble-free operation, far exceeding the current standard of 12 million times for international first-line brands, the product life can be upgraded again, and the service life will be longer.

Top 2- Cylindrical Glass Speed Gate MS06S
MS06S is an ideal solution for fast and barrier-free passage of people. Its compact and small footprint design makes it popular in offices, lobbies, playgrounds and other places.
MS06S glass turnstiles solves the obstacles of traditional tripod turnstiles, especially for people with luggage and handicapped people, and the fast operation ensures higher traffic speed.
The passage distance is optional from 600mm to 900mm, and the tempered glass swing door is embedded with LED color-changing indicators so that users can clearly know whether the passage is allowed.

Top 3- Glass Sliding Gate MS05S
Sliding gate is an upgraded product of the flap barrier gate. Compared with the traditional flap barriers, it has a higher tempered glass swing gate, which can reach up to 1.8 meters, which means that people cannot climb over or crawl at the bottom, so it can prevent 100% Unauthorized entry. MS05S can provide ultra-high security for some unguarded places, the new generation of servo brushless movement can guarantee the service life of 10 million times, and the operation is smooth and quiet.
Users can integrate biometric readers or IC/ID cards, fingerprint readers and other access control solutions according to their own needs

Top 4- Slim Swing  Turnstile Gates MS02B 
The size of the general swing turnstile gate is 1200*280*980mm, it can bring a channel of 900mm wide finger to customers, which is suitable for disabled people, strollers, trolleys, bicycles, etc. But according to some customers' feedback, they want a slimmer and more beautiful design, for this we have introduced glass swing turnstile gate MS02B. MS02B combines advanced mechanical transmission with precise electrical control, LED The combination of lighting effects, coupled with exquisite and beautiful appearance and excellent performance, is more suitable for relatively high-end places such as offices, commercial building receptions, clubs, warehouses, retail stores, museums, hotels and other places.

Top 5- Marble Glass Turnstile MS04B 

MS04B is the latest glass turnstile that integrates aesthetics and safety. The cabinet is extremely slender with only 120mm, the white pearly marble top cover, and the side body of fully transparent tempered glass will greatly satisfy the user's artistic pursuit. Powerful functions and industry-leading technology are another reason why people choose MS04B. Equipped with six pairs of sensitive photoelectric sensors, it can timely detect unauthorized passage, tailgating, entering in the wrong direction, and overtime stop and so on. The sophisticated movement design provides quiet and smooth operation for the most user-friendly experience.

3. What are the components of glass turnstile?
The basic components of the speed gate include chassis, swing arm, movement, control part and auxiliary modules.
1. Cabinets
The selection of materials generally needs to consider sturdy, beautiful, not easy to deform, scratch-resistant, scratch-resistant, rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and easier to process and fix. Cabinets need to protect and support internal components such as movements and control modules. The main material of traditional Cabinets is usually 304 or 316 stainless steel, while glass turnstile is made of plexiglass or tempered glass. Therefore, the case of glass turnstile is more slender and suitable for some places with limited space.
2. swing panels
Swing panels (door) block when pedestrians are not allowed to pass, and open the passage when pedestrians are allowed to pass. Tempered glass or plexiglass are used, and LED color-changing light strips are embedded inside. The red prompt is not allowed to pass, and the green prompt is welcome to pass, giving users the most intuitive prompt.
3. Mechanism
Macrosafe glass turnstile adopts the self-developed third-generation brushless DC servo Mechanism, and the Mechanism part adopts geared motor + coded electronically controlled positioning device + tooth-clamped electromagnetic clutch. The processing technology and material of the glass turnstile mechanism, as well as the drive motor and the matching reducer, will affect the operation and service life of the overall turnstile gate.

4. Control part
The main control CPU of the intelligent speed-pass door motherboard independently developed by Macrosafe adopts ARM7 chip, which has fast running speed, advanced logic algorithm and mechanical structure, and ensures that the glass turnstile can run smoothly and quietly.
5. Other modules
In addition to the above parts, there are various modules including LED indicators, infrared sensors, voice prompts, etc. The modular design facilitates quick maintenance and reduces operating costs.

4. Precautions during the use of glass turnstiles
1. Anti-electromagnetic and other environmental interference
For card readers used by turnstile gates, special attention should be paid to preventing electromagnetic interference. If conditions permit, the installation location of the card reader should be separated by more than 30cm from the strong electric power source.

2. Prevent the attenuation of the transmission signal
The installation of turnstile gates and access controller should take into account the distance between the controller and the card reader, and the ideal transmission interval is within 50m. For signal transmission cables, cable shielding and signal attenuation due to long-distance transmission must be considered, and reliable grounding must be done during pipeline construction.

3. Debugging of access controller and system software
System debugging is an important link to ensure the quality of turnstile barrier gate access control system. The focus is on the debugging of the access control controller and the operation of the system software. The function of the controller is that in addition to the card reader input, the relay linkage output function should also be set according to actual needs.

4. Tap the card
When Glass turnstiles is in use, it is correct to hold the card in the right hand, parallel to the induction area, and 20-50mm away from the induction area. After hearing the sound of "di", it proves that the turnstile gate has been successfully opened by tapping the card, and you need to pass immediately, and do not stop in the passage.

5. Traffic attention
In the process of passing, please do not follow into the passage. Do not forcibly break the door swing, so as not to pinch people, the person in front has passed the middle point, and the person behind can swipe the card. If the card is valid, there will be an indicator light indicating that the door swing will automatically open.

6. Regular maintenance
Although turnstile gates are made of stainless steel, it does not mean that they will not rust 100%, especially in some environments with high humidity or acidity, such as seaside, chemical factories, etc., daily use special stainless steel cleaners to wipe cabinets Surface, the inside and outside of the cabinet should be regularly cleaned of dust to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
Maintenance cycle (depending on the site environment), general environmental maintenance cycle recommendation: # Outdoor environment, once every 15 days and after each rain. # Indoor environment, once every 30 days.
In poor environments (high humidity, high salt fog, heavy dust, such as: within 50km of the sea, within 20km of chemical plants, construction sites, etc.), the recommended maintenance cycle is as follows: # Outdoor environment, once every 7 days and after each rain. # Indoor environment, once every 15 days.

5. Compared with ordinary turnstiles, what are the advantages of glass turnstiles?
1. Opening and closing speed of glass turnstile is much quicker, the fastest can reach 0.2 seconds, and has dual positioning function, positioning is very accurate and fast.
2. Glass turnstile uses a brushless servo motor, and the turnstile has an automatic alarm function.
3. Glass turnstile adopts automatic judgment, automatic logic recognition technology, intelligent anti-pinch and safety design of switch gate to ensure the safety of pedestrians.
4. The overall appearance of glass turnstile is beautiful and fashionable. It is made of advanced stainless steel. It has the characteristics of anti-rust, anti-corrosion and durability. It can also be specially customized such as silk screen printing and etching to meet the special needs of customers.
5. Glass turnstile can provide rich interfaces and can integrate a variety of external devices, unified management, efficient and convenient.
6. Anti-tailing function, automatic opening and reset, preventing pedestrians from exploiting loopholes.
7. Anti-collision and automatic locking function to prevent pedestrians from breaking through the gate hard.
8. Supports remote control, which can be realized through networked computer software management system.
9. Driven by motor and braked by solenoid valve clutch without any friction, which greatly reduces wear.
10.Glass turnstile uses encoder limiter and is equipped with more infrared detectors, which can more intelligently identify the human body passing through the gate without misjudgment.


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