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2024 Best Buying Guide: How Much Is A Turnstile Gate?

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1.How much does a turnstile gate cost? 

    1.1 What type of turnstile do you need?

    1.2 How many passages of turnstile gates do you need?

2. What Factors Determine Turnstile Gate Price?

3. How To Configure The Most Suitable Turnstile Gate?

4. How Can I Get My Customized Turnstile Proposal?


1. How much does a turnstile gate cost? 

Turnstile price may be the most important factor for many people to consider before investing. In fact, turnstile gate price ranges from $200 to $2000.

Why is there such a large pricing difference? Because from the style, quantity, size, height, material, finish, pattern to the additional access control readers, personalized features and so on, all support customization, these factors will affect the final turnstile gate price.

So how could I get a correct and competitive turnstile gate price?
Turnstiles gate price  is often the first consideration when people invest in them. Macrosafe's professional sales representatives will be happy to recommend the best product for your project needs and budget.

Some customers will hesitate and worry about whether the pricing will be complicated, but it is not, as long as you can provide the following information, we can provide you with a best price.

(If you have no time to read this article, why not contact us right now? We would give you the price within 20 mins.)
how much does turnstile gate cost

1.1 What type of turnstile do you need?

Macrosafe  turnstile gates are generally divided into 5 different categories:

A. Tripod turnstiles
B. Swing barriers
C. Flap barrier gates
D. Speed ​​gates
E. Full height turnstiles

These different categories of products have their own advantages and disadvantages, there is no best turnstile gate, only the most suitable turnstile gate for you.
Regarding this issue, we can consider the following factors to determine what type of turnstile is most suitable for you.

1.1.1Does it need to be ADA compliant for disabled access?

If customers require the turnstiles to be accessible for handicapped, then you can choose from:
Flap barrier gates
Swing barriers
● Speed ​​gates

All of these three types of turnstiles can provide passageway of 600mm to 900mm, and the wheelchair access generally requires at least 815mm (32inch) according to ADA.


Speed ​​Gates

speed gate  speed gate  speed gate

1.1.2 What levle of security is needed?

Ranked from high to low security level, full-height gate>speed gate>swing barrier/flap barrier>tripod turnstile.
The tall and sturdy structure of the full-height gate completely eliminates climbing or crawling for optimal safety. The durable and low-maintenance structure makes it an ideal solution for outdoor access control, such as construction sites, chemical plants, suburban parks, ski resorts, military control zone. 

● Full Height Turnstiles
full height turnstile  full height turnstile  full height turnstile
Full Height Speed Gates
turnstile gate price  turnstile gate price  turnstile gate price

Followed by the speed gate, its glass barrier can be up to 1.8 meters high and can also prevent climbing. Moreover, the speed gate covers a smaller area with a beautiful and sleek appearance, so it is more suitable for some places that value aesthetic, such as banks, clubs, museums, exhibition centers, art centers, etc.

The shell and barrier of flap barrier and swing barrier gate only up to man waist height, because their focus is more on controlling and guiding the crowd, rather than a high degree of safety. The stylish and modern design allows them to be widely used in various indoor and outdoor occasions, such as offices, schools, shopping malls, scenic spots, playgrounds, commercial buildings, etc.
 ● Swing barriers
swing barrier  swing barrier  swing barrier
Flap barrier gates
flap barrier  flap barrier  flap barrier

Tripod turnstile is our entry-level turnstile gates which come with the lowest turnstile cost. 

Although tripod turnstile is not wheelchair accessible, it does have its own unique features. Passing width of the three-roller gate is 550mm, the unique rotating structure ensures that only one person can pass at a time, denying the trailing.

 Therefore, tripod turnstiles are more suitable places where strict control of the number of people is required, especially in the current epidemic era., such as scenic spots, amusement parks, cinemas, gyms, etc.

Tripod turnstiles are often thought of as boring and monotonous, and Macrosafe's latest MS02G, MS04G and MS05G will upend this stereotype.

Tripod turnstiles
tripod turnstile tripod turnstile 02 tripod turnstile 01 
  1.1.3 Will the turnstile gate used indoor or outdoor? Or severe environments?
Different styles of turnstile gates have different environmental adaptability. Even in the same category, we have different configurations for indoor and outdoor environments. Furthermore, the passage is only used for pedestrians or for both pedestrians and bicycles users is also different, which will affect the turnstile gate price.

1.1.4 Do turnstiles need to be equipped with access control hardwares or software?

In addition to providing turnstile gates, Macrosafe also provides various access control hardwares and softwares, such as:
Rfid access control,
Biometric access control,
QR code scanning system,
People counting system 
ESD control system etc. 
The more accessories and readers you want, the high turnstile cost would be. Or simply open with exit button (or no touch exit button) is also available.

Of course, you can also use your existing third-party access control system. Macrosafe turnstile gates are compatible with all access control systems. Then you can further reduce your turnstile cost.

If you don't know the difference between various access control systems, don't worry, contact us now and we will patiently introduce and explain it to you.

1.2 How many passages of turnstile gates do you need?

In addition to caring about the cost of turnstiles, people also want to know: How many turnstiles do I need?
We will consider the following 3 factors:
Dimensions of the entrance
Daily(Peak) throughput
Disabled Accessible

Dimensions of the entrance:

Most of the time, the size of the entrance is the primary factor in determining the quantity (or even size) of the turnstile. Generally speaking, the wider the entrance, the more turnstile gates are required. If the traffic volume of the crowd is relatively small, not many turnstiles are needed, and the size of the entrance is relatively large, glass fence railing, mesh fences, or metal fence railing can be used instead of the gate to block the passage. 
turnstile gate   speed gate
In addition, if the size (or space) of the entrance is relatively small and more passages are required, it is recommended to use the Macrosafe speed gate, features a minimal cabinet, which occupies a smaller area but has a wider passage space, among which the outstanding representatives are MS06S, and MS04B.
speed gate    slim swing barrier

Daily(Peak) throughput:

The daily (or peak) traffic volume of a building will directly affect the number of turnstiles you need. An entrance control point with huge daily traffic and an entrance control point with sparse traffic must have different numbers of gates, such as private enterprises and large shopping malls.

We need to take the peak traffic flow into account to determine the number of turnstiles that need to be installed in order to ensure the actual operation, and the crowd can enter and exit smoothly and orderly, avoiding long waits and bringing unfriendly experience to visitors.

Disabled Accessible:

The U.S. Attorney General issued the ADA Accessibility Guidelines in 1990, which established  standards for entrance turnstiles so that people with disabilities could pass through or use turnstiles easily. 

Therefore, when adding turnstile gates to a building, it should be ensured that each entrance has at least one handicap access. According to ADA compliance, the disabled (including wheelchair users, people with walkers, or other people who need special facilities) passages must be at least 32 inches. Macrosafe's flap barriers, speed gates and swing turnstiles are ADA compliant. It can be used for the passage of large items such as strollers, bicycles, scooters, luggage and material transportation.

In fact, different types of turnstiles can be flexibly combined at the same entrance for express passage and barrier-free passage for the disabled. As shown below,

handicap swing barrier

What factors determine turnstile gate price?

Determining turnsitle gate price are the 4 following factors:
1. Materials used for construction
The casing of the turnstile gate can be made of stainless steel 201/304/316, aluminum alloy;
2. Thickness of case material
The thickness of turnstile gate is generally 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm;
3. Mechanism and motor
For tripod turnstiles and full height turnstiles, there are solenoid type and motorized type.
Swing barriers, flap barriers and speed gates are all driven by motors, but motors can be brushed, brushless and servo;

4. Additional functions
Add-ons include lights, custom finishes, specialty materials and more custom functions

How to configure the most suitable turnstile gate?

Turnstile gate itself supports configuration according to different projects to meet the needs of end customers to the greatest extent. These configurations ultimately determine turnstile gate price.


All Macrosafe turnstiles can be set to one-way or two-way traffic. Generally speaking, for control points that are only used as entrances or exits, one-way traffic can be set. Likewise, for the same control point that used as an entrance as well as an exit, two-way traffic should be used.

Lane width and barrier height:

With the exception of tripod turnstile's lane width which is specified as 550mm, the lanes width of other turnstile gates and the length (even height) of the obstacle can be customized according to the needs of the building to maximize safety and comfort.


All of Macrosafe's standard turnstiles are made of SUS 304 stainless steel, which has good rust and corrosion resistance, and can be used in various indoor and outdoor environments.

But for some particularly harsh environments, such as chemical plants with very high acidity, and seaside buildings with very high humidity, we also provide 316 stainless steel, which has better rust and corrosion resistance. If the turnstiles can be maintained regularly( Turnstile Maintenance Guide), it will provide a longer and more stable service life.

Add-on options:

In addition to the access control systems and readers mentioned above, Macrosafe also provides you with more personalized options, which will increase turnstile gate cost.
Handheld control panel:
Macrosafe's unique handheld control panel provides users with a simpler and more convenient gate control mode. With a touchable display screen, users can directly set and modify parameters on the mini control panel, no longer need to crouch on the ground or bend over to set through the controller inside the gate.
Emergency button:
In order for users to leave safely, all gates are set to automatically unlock by default, when the power is turned off. Manual buttons can also be added or integrated with the building's alarm system, so that in an emergency, users can leave in an orderly manner without hindrance to avoid panic.
Indicator light:
In addition to the green arrows and red cross indicators on the upper cover or front of the turnstile, the glass barriers of the turnstile can also have built-in color-changing indicator lights, giving guests more intuitive and comfortable instructions and improving traffic efficiency.
Customized brand logo:
All Macrosafe turnstiles support engraving brand logos on cabinets or glass barriers to better showcase the building's brand image.

How can I get my customized turnstile proposal?

Our entrance control experts will customize a personalized gate or access control solution for you according to your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately for your free proposal. Please do not worry, Macrosafe provides high-quality turnstile gate system at affordable price, no matter large project or small order, so please contact us now.

2024 Tripod turnstile price: How much does a tripod turnstile cost?

Tripod turnstile price range from $200 to $500. Final price is determined by the mechanism and add-ons. Please click 2024 Tripod Gate Best Buying Guide for more information.


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