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RFID/Fingerprint/Coin turnstile System
RFID turnstile is an access control turnstile based on radio frequency identification technology. And fingerprint turnstile is a gate based on fingerprint identification technology. They are currently the most popular and widely used turnstiles, providing access control of the entrances and exits where high and unmanned monitoring security is required.
Turnstile with card reader or fingerprint reader can help administrators automatically deny unauthorized access without the need for security guards to manually verify that the visitor's credentials are valid. In addition to access control management, it also integrates more functions: attendance management, membership management, visitor management, time recording, etc. 
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System Structure
Flexible rights management
Can grant user- designated security turnstile (door) permissions
Open the security turnstile (door) through the software
The designated security turnstile (door) can be opened by software control
Access control time management
The security turnstile (door) can be set to open within a specified period of time
Double verification
After swiping the card and entering the correct password, the security turnstile (door) will open
Management card activation turnstile gate (door)
Only after the designated management card activates the security turnstile (door), the other security turnstile (door) is allowed to open
AB security turnstile (door) opening method
In some cases, it is not allowed to open security turnstile (door) B before closing security turnstile (door) A
Anti-crash&self-check circuit design
When the circuit fails due to interference or abnormal issue, the system will automatically restart
Full-featured software
It  is easy to operate this full-featured software
Secondary development
SDK of controller for customers to secondary develop is available
Face Recognition Turnstile Tripod Turnstile
Face Recognition Turnstile Tripod Turnstile
Face Recognition Turnstile MS03G is a cost effective turnstile gate that integrated with a facial recognition camera. With advance biometric technology, it quickly allows one person to pass at a time after being verify identity.
Construction Turnstiles Full Height Turnstile
Construction Turnstiles Full Height Turnstile
Fully enclosed design of the construction turnstiles MS01Q2 satisfies places with extremely high safety requirements, such as prisons, military management areas and factories with very strict access control.
Parking Boom Barrier
Parking Boom Barrier
ES107 barrier gate is the latest boom barrier gate with 6th DC brushless motor. Fast response and smooth operation. High-temperature baking makes it anti-corrosion, antifading, and anti-shedding.
Barrier Gate for Car Parking
Barrier Gate for Car Parking
Modern and sophisticated design with red and green LED lights on top, MS-P001barrer gate is ideal for vehicle access control in commercial buildings, shopping malls, technology parks, cultural institutions, etc.
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