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What is a LRP Parking System?
A license plate recognition parking system is a type of automated parking system that uses optical character recognition on images to identify license plates. LPR parking systems can be used for enforcing parking regulations, managing parking inventory, and providing data for parking planning and transportation demand management.
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System Structure
LPR parking system
Automatically identify vehicles that enter & exit
Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) parking systems can automatically identify and record license plate numbers of vehicles that enter and exit a parking facility.
Parking Enforcement
ALPR parking systems can be used to enforce parking regulations, such as time limits or payment requirements.
Improve Parking Efficiency
ALPR parking systems can help to improve parking turnover with real-time information on available parking spaces. And it reduces congestion in parking areas.
Improve Security
ALPR systems can help to improve parking lot security by providing a record of all vehicles that enter and exit the parking lot. It can be set that unauthorized vehicles are not allowed to enter the parking lot to ensure the safety of internal employees and vehicles.
Auto Payment of Parking Fee
ALPR systems can be integrated with payment systems, allowing for automated payment of parking fees. Avoid errors in manual calculation of parking fees.
Detailed Report
ALPR systems can be used to collect data on parking patterns and trends, which can be used to improve parking lot design and operations. It's reports on parking activity, which can be used for marketing or operational purposes.
Better Parking Experience
LPR parking systems can help to improve customer satisfaction, by providing a more convenient and efficient parking experience
Reduce Labor Cost
The automatic license plate recognition parking system does not require guards on duty. It can automatically verify the license plate and open the gate without manual monitoring or manual input of data.
Support software and hardware customization
MACROSAFE has a professional R&D and after-sales team, which support customization based on your needs.
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