License Plate Recognition System
License Plate Recognition Camera
License Plate Recognition Camera
License Plate Recognition Camera
License Plate Recognition Camera
License Plate Recognition Camera
License Plate Recognition Camera

License Plate Recognition Camera

Patent: MS-LPR002
With the License Plate Recognition System, property officers will be able to save time and cost on both labor and resources as it takes care of all aspects of parking management, from monitoring capacity levels to issuing tickets for unauthorized vehicles

License Plate Recognition Camera Video:

License Plate Recognition Camera Description:

Apply computer vision technology, deep learning, sensor fusion, software algorithm, hardware computing platform and other cutting-edge technologies. It can automatically identify vehicle information such as license plate number, license plate color, and reliability in real time and accurately. It can also be used in harsh environments, with stable performance, simple operation and reliable quality.

The License Plate Recognition System is an advanced detection system that accurately reads license plate numbers in real time. Automatically recognizing each plate number, this technology offers secure access control and rapid identification of each individual vehicle that visits your lot. As soon as a vehicle is detected, its information is instantly logged so that property officers can take immediate action to ensure no unauthorized usage occurs. This means increased safety and efficiency for you and your property team, who have full visibility over who is coming onto your lot at any given moment. 

3 technical indicators of the license plate recognition camera

When business owners or property management offices choose license plate recognition cameras, they should consider the following three technical factors:
●Recognition speed
●Management software

ALPR Camera Parameters:

Model No. MS-LPR002
Support Country Taiwan, Brazil, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong, Macau, Chile, Colombia, South Africa, Dubai, Azerbaijan, Ireland, Brazil, Bulgaria, Poland, Denmark, Germany, France, Netherlands, Kyrgyzstan, Croatia, Kenya, Romania, Malta,Moldova, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey,etc.
Sensor 4 million pixel starlight CMOS
Resolution 2560*1440
Recognition Rate 99.5%
Anti-counterfeiting rate 99%
Recognition angle left and right up to 65°, up and down up to 60°
Recognition distance 2 meters ~ 12 meters
Speed 45km/h
License Plate Recognition Features

Number, Color, Type, Width

License plate white list Support accurate and intelligent fuzzy matching white list license plate rules
Smart Calibration Support precise or wildcard smart calibration of license plate number, license plate type and color
Application Indoor and outdoor
Working Temperature -30℃~+75℃
Fill light Yes
LED display Four lines display (support customized)
Voice broadcast English, Chinese (support customized)
Size 443mm*146mm*105mm

ALPR System Software:

ALPR Camera Features:
◆ Extremely optimized embedded license plate recognition algorithm: the comprehensive recognition rate is higher than 99.58%;
◆ Optimized processing of video stream recognition: to ensure the recognition accuracy to the greatest extent;
◆ Excellent automatic imaging control: automatically track light changes, effectively suppress front light and backlight; suppress car headlights at night;
◆The fill light is controlled based on the image analysis algorithm, which avoids the instability of the traditional fill light based on the photoresistor;
◆ Offline operation: pre-data storage function;
◆ Intelligent processing of vehicles without license plates: multi-trigger mechanism ensures the normal passage management of vehicles without license plates (or seriously defaced, etc.);
◆ Product stability: excellent hardware architecture and stable algorithm.

ALPR Camera Dimension:

Automatic Number Plate Recognition
Automatic Number Plate Recognition
As a professional access control product
Automatic License Plate Recognition Parking System
Automatic License Plate Recognition Parking System
As a professional access control product
Car Plate Recognition
Car Plate Recognition
As a professional access control product
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