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What is a ESD turnstile?
ESD turnstile is a device that combines electrostatic testing and access control management, which designed to detect whether employees' anti-static shoes and wrist bands are qualified. It ensures that only authorized personnel are allowed into designated areas after passing ESD tests.
In addition, according to customer needs, face recognition equipment, fingerprint recognition, QR code scanners, RFID card readers, etc. can be integrated to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the designated area.
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System Structure
esd turnstile gate system
Various Authentication Methods
The ESD control system support various authentications inlcuding RFID card, QR code,biometirc such as face recongiton, fingerprint, palm vein, etc. 
Automatic ESD Testing
Quickly testing wrist band, left shoes and right shoes only takes 2 seconds. Each turnstile gate can enter and exit bidirectionally, which ensures high the passing rate during rush hour.
ESD Testing Methods
Support different testing methods including:  exempt from testing, wrist band only, shoes only, wrist band + shoes. Different test methods and standards can be set for employees in different positions.
LCD Display 
An LCD screen can be installed on the turnstiles to display the information of employees(including name, ID, department), ESD testing value, pass indication and system error.
Unauthorized Entry Alert 
When there is no card or unauthorized personnel try to enter the ESD turnstile gate, ESD control system
will immediately alert visually and  aurally.
Real-time Record Upload
All Entry&exit records and ESD testing data will be uploaded to the management software in real-time through the TCP/IP. Data can be sent to the designated mailbox.
Easy Install & Use
With easy-to-access components and user-friendly interfaces, ESD turnstile gate system provide a hassle-free experience for installation, use, and maintenance. 
Improve Traffic Efficiency
Compare with the traditional testing manually, ESD control system with turnstile gate will highly improve the traffic efficiency.
Support software and hardware customization
MACROSAFE has a professional R&D and after-sales team, which support customization based on your needs.
How ESD turnstile gates work?

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