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3 modes of anti-static access control system

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Update time : 2020-07-07 14:41:00

Three modes of anti-static access control system
1. Off-line ESD access control
The electrostatic tester does not need to swipe the card to directly test the electrostatic project. After the test is successful, the channel gate can be opened to enter the workshop. No entry and exit credit card test record query, fast traffic.

2. Networked ESD access control
The static management software first registers the test items of the employee card (name, department, test item (testing only the hands, only the shoes and shoes on the same side without the test card), etc.), the tester takes the registered card and swipes the card at the gate , And then perform testing according to the registered test items. If the test is successful, you can open the door and enter the workshop. If the test fails, the gate will not be opened (replace the shoes or wrist strap according to the unqualified result of the test item). The static management software can record the tester’s entry and exit time, Records of channels, test items, test results, name department, etc.

3. Networked ESD access control + LCD display 
A 7-inch LCD display is integrated on the basis of the two-networked ESD access control. After swiping the card, it can display the name, card number, event, test items, results and other information.