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Turnstile Parts
Turnstile Mechanism & Turnstile Parts

Turnstile Mechanism & Turnstile Parts

Turnstile mechanism is its heart, which plays a vital role in ensuring the long-term stable operation of the turnstile gate. With heavy duty and reliable design, turnstile mechanism can withstand heavy load and high frequency use.
Temporary turnstiles

Temporary turnstiles

Temporary turnstiles refer to a temporary installation and use of turnstile gates at entrances or exits for pedestrian management or security control. The turnstiles can be easily removed when no longer need to control the flow of people.
Turnstile Controller

Turnstile Controller

The controller is the heart of the gate and the carrier of the logic algorithm. Integrated advanced turnstile mechanism control logic + infrared communication logic, real-time detection of mechanism movement status and pedestrian passing position, ensures

Turnstile Parts Definition:

A Turnstile consists of three parts: mechanical structure, control module and auxiliary components.
Mechanical part includes: cabinet, mechanism.
Control module includes: controller, power supply, super capacitor, air switch, fan, etc.
Auxiliary components include: LED indicators, infrared detectors, voice modules, counters, access control readers, etc.

Turnstile Parts Variations:

Turnstile parts are not static, in addition to many changes in exterior design, the same category of turnstile mechanism also have different configurations, including manual, semi-automatic and electric. Electric also comes with brush, brushless and servo.
Based on a modular and reliable design, all components of Macrosafe's security turnstiles work in good order. Once a failure occurs, the problem can be quickly identified and the components replaced in time.