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Turnstile Controller
Turnstile Controller
Turnstile Controller
Turnstile Controller
Turnstile Controller

Turnstile Controller

The controller is the heart of the gate and the carrier of the logic algorithm. Integrated advanced turnstile mechanism control logic + infrared communication logic, real-time detection of mechanism movement status and pedestrian passing position, ensures

Turnstile Controller Video:

Turnstile Controller Description:

The controller is the brain of the turnsitle gate, which carries the operation of the logic algorithm. Integrating advanced mechanism control logic + infrared communication logic, Macrosafe turnstile controllers can detect mechanism movement status and pedestrian passing position in real time to meet the requirements of safe passage and security control.

Specially designed for high performance, low maintenance and low power consumption, we use SMT automatic patch technology to ensure that the control board produced is of good quality, complete functions and stable performance.

For unauthorized intrusion, a dedicated circuit is designed inside to ensure the stable operation of the controller and power supply.

Support RS232, RS485, CAN and other communication methods, provide Modbus communication protocol, and can be connected to the upper industrial computer;

Turnstile Controller  Variations:

Turnstile controllers include tripod turnstile & full height turnstile controllers, flap barrier & swing barrier controller (including brush & brushless type), and servo motor controllers.

Here we mainly talk about the one-to-one brushless controller (suitable for flap barrier/swing barrier) developed by Macrosafe. With LCD display and button operation, customers can easily change the parameters of turnstile gates according to their own needs, such as door opening mode, door opening speed, door opening time, automatic closing time and so on.

Furthermore, turnstile controllers of other suppliers require 7-core or even 11-core synchronization cables, and the wiring is complicated and error-prone, causing the PCB board to burn out. Macrosafe's synchronization cable only needs a three-core cable, which is simple and convenient, and very friendly to new users.
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Turnstile Controller Maintenance :

1. Cut off the power supply before circuit maintenance to avoid short-circuit failure.
2. Clean up the dust inside the chassis. If there is water, wipe it dry in time to avoid entering the inside of the electric control box, resulting in a short circuit of the main board;
3. Check whether the wires are aging, falling off, exposed skin, etc., wrap the exposed parts with electrical tape in time, or replace the wires with new ones;
4. Check whether the terminals on the main board are loose, and re-tighten them to avoid poor contact;

Turnstile Controller Features:

Support stand-alone operation to meet the control requirements of unilateral structure;
Suitable for standard access turnstiles such as optical and speed gates;
LED display supports easier parameter setting
One 3-core sync cables, simple wiring, avoid mistakes;
Reserve multiple ports to support customized functions
Can be integrated with any type of access control system;
Simple installation, operation and maintenance;
Turnstile Mechanism & Turnstile Parts
Turnstile Mechanism & Turnstile Parts
As a professional access control product
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Temporary turnstiles
As a professional access control product
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