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ESD Turnstile
ESD Turnstile Gate

ESD Turnstile Gate

ESD turnstile gate integrates an electrostatic test system, which effectively eliminates the hidden quality hazards caused by human static electricity to sensitive devices. Can be integrated with RFID card, biometric, fingerprint, etc
ESD Turnstile Gate System

ESD Turnstile Gate System

ESD turnstile gate system is designed to allow people to enter only after they have passed static testing and identity verification. ESD Turnstiles including tripod turnstiles, swing barrier gates, flap barrier gates, and speed gates are available.

ESD Turnstile Definition:

ESD turnstile refer to security turnstile integrated with ESD (Electro-Static test and discharge) system. It can effectively check the qualified condition of employees' wrist straps and the body static resistance value is within the qualified range, preventing employees from carrying excessive static electricity into the production workshop.
ESD Turnstile Variations:
According to the classification of turnstile barrier gate, there are esd tripod turnstile, esd flap barrier, and esd swing barrier. Besides, there is off-line version which only used to test static electricity, while online version is often used with access control, such as turnstile gate with carder, biometric turnstile, etc.
ESD Turnstile Applications:
ESD turnstile are widely used in SMT production lines, dust-free workshops, high-tech R&D rooms, national defense and military electrostatic control areas, semiconductor/chip production lines, precision instrument laboratories, etc.