ESD Turnstile
ESD Turnstile Gate
ESD Turnstile Gate

ESD Turnstile Gate

Patent: ES6002G
ESD turnstile gate integrates an electrostatic test system, which effectively eliminates the hidden quality hazards caused by human static electricity to sensitive devices. Can be integrated with RFID card, biometric, fingerprint, etc
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ESD Turnstile Gate Definition:

ESD Turnstile gate is a turnstile barrier gate with anti-static testing system that controls the access to electronic workshop. On the one hand, it is used to detect static electricity. The detection objects are mainly the electrostatic wristbands of workshop workers and whether the electrostatic shoes they wear are normal. On the other hand, ESD turnstile gate only allows people with access authorization to enter.
There are many ESD turnstile access control system available. Such as face recognition, QR code scanning, fingerprint, RFID card, etc.

ESD Turnstile Gate Applications:

It is generally used indoors, and is especially required for static-sensitive places, such as large electronic factories, component packaging and testing factories, dust-free workshops, textile factories, oil depots, laboratories, research institutes, etc.

Benefits of ESD Turnstile Gate:

* A variety of access control systems
Can be integrated with various systems including RFID cards, face recognition, fingerprint, QR code, etc;
* Multiple testing methods
Supports testing wrist only, wrist + feet, left hand + feet, right hand + feet, etc;
* Flexible personnel rights assignment
Such as, for management: card only, for production workers: card+ESD test, etc;
* Intuitive LED light
Green arrow and Red cross light clearly inform testers whether the passage is allowed;
Test standards can be set according to needs
Users can set and change test standards according to the application
Real-time display
With 8-inch screen testing time, card number, job number,worker name, test results, and photos can be shown in real-time;
*Lower labor cost
Accurate and effective, 100% paperless records, the system can automatically generate data reports without human operation;

ESD Turnstile Gate
ESD Turnstile Gate
ESD turnstile & access control systems are widely used in the SMT production line control zone, semiconductor industry dustless room, high-tech R & D room, national defense and military static control zone, burst processing area, aviation space maintenance verification area, pharmaceutical plant static control zone, hospital control zone, biochemical industry, biochemical industry, biochemical industry Electrostatic control zone semiconductor production line, semiconductor assembly production line, chip, microprocessor, hard disk, drive, composite material, line board production line, precision instrument, optical product, aviation industry, optical instrument, electronics production and packaging, chemical, optical lenses, biological lenses, biology Pharmaceuticals, beverage foods, PCB printing, packaging and spray ... All kinds of places where need anti-static system and devices.
ESD Turnstile Gate System
ESD Turnstile Gate System
As a professional access control product
ESD Gate
ESD Gate
As a professional access control product
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