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1. What is the ESD access control system?
ESD access control system is also called anti-static access control system. The intelligent ESD anti-static access control system is an integrated system that integrates ESD turnstiles, access control management, access control monitoring, ESD static testing, and voice prompts for operation procedures. The networked intelligent ESD anti-static access control system can fully meet the requirements of safe production. It mainly includes three parts: electrostatic test components, pedestrians turnstile gates, and computer management software.

The intelligent electrostatic access control system is mainly composed of a computer, an intelligent card reader module, an intelligent pedestrian gate, an electrostatic tester, a smart card, a display screen, and management software. RS485 or TCP/IP network communication is adopted between the computer and the turnstile, and online and offline operations can be implemented. The device effectively combines mechanical, electronic, microprocessor control, and various reading and writing technologies. By configuring different reading and writing equipment, using reliable safety protection device, real-time alarm systems, and direction indicating interfaces, combined with reliable human body electrostatic comprehensive tester, the intelligent control, and management of the channel are jointly coordinated.
This kind of intelligent electrostatic access control system is widely used in SMT production line control areas, semiconductor industry clean rooms, high-tech R&D rooms, pharmaceutical factory electrostatic control areas, chemical industry electrostatic control areas, and other places that require anti-static testing and electrostatic protection.
Modern production enterprises have begun to use advanced technologies such as informatization and networking to improve their management level. The safe, comfortable and convenient environment brought by intelligent technology has become an ideal goal pursued by people. At the same time, the concept of safe production has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and enterprises have higher and higher requirements for safe production. As the basic requirement of safe production, people have higher and higher requirements for ESD. For this reason, Macrosafe launched an intelligent ESD electrostatic access control system with a real-time resistance display that helps companies understand and protect against static electricity, protect production equipment and products, and improve efficiency.

2. What are ESD turnstiles?
ESD turnstiles refer to pedestrians turnstiles integrated with ESD (Electro-Static test and discharge) system. This system can effectively check the qualified condition of employees' wrist straps and the body static resistance value is within the qualified range, preventing employees from carrying static electricity into the production workshop, and eliminating the hidden danger of electrostatic discharge. ESD turnstiles are composed of anti-static test systems, access control systems, card readers, pedestrian turnstiles (tripod turnstiles, swing barrier gates, flap barrier gates, speed gates), etc.

3. Functions of ESD access control system
1. The ESD anti-static access control system can detect whether the static resistance value of the employee before entering the workstation is within the national standard.
2. Anti-static gates are used to test electrostatic shoes or wrist straps by swiping cards or face recognition.
3. There are three detection modes in the static management software: 1. Both wristbands and feet are tested. 2. Only measure the feet. 3. Only swipe card or face recognition
4. Employees can use card or face to automatically identify the authority that they need to test. After swiping the card or face recognition, the static management machine will automatically configure the testing authority without flipping the switch.
5. The Macrosafe electrostatic management machine is a high-brightness LCD screen, which displays the test time, card number, job number, and test results in real-time, including hand and shoe error information, so that employees can intuitively know the error information.

4. Features of ESD access control system
1. Eliminate static electricity: prevent employees from carrying static electricity into the production workshop to avoid damage to the quality of sensitive devices
2. Non-contact: Using IC (ID) card technology, using radio frequency signal to exchange data, no contact, high confidentiality, high reliability, and the function of using a special card. It has unparalleled advantages of magnetic card, contact IC card, and photoelectric card.
3. Data storage: It can be connected to a single machine, locally, to store the information of the passers-by, and to record and check the number of passers-by in real-time. The operation is convenient and intuitive.
4. Diversified anti-static test methods: when using electrostatic wristwatches, VIP cards, electrostatic shoes, swiping cards, and other methods for testing, authorized access can be used to pass through the gate channel by single or multiple identification methods. You can also set different access permissions according to different project requirements.
ESD turnstiles help to save traffic costs, improve traffic efficiency, achieve paperless management and effectively eliminate the potential for quality hazards caused by sensitive devices. The occurrence of false records and missed tests, make the test results more authentic and credible.

5. How do the ESD turnstiles work?
The two parts of the human body electrostatic tester and turnstiles work together. When the comprehensive resistance of the human body is greater than a certain value, the static electricity of the human body cannot be introduced into the earth, the alarm of the instrument is illegal, the alarm signal is transmitted to the gate, and the release is not allowed; when the comprehensive resistance of the human body is within the specified value range, the instrument sends a valid signal to the Gate, gate release, exit button to go out, Macrosafe ESD turnstiles control system supports real-time display of all test data and employee access data, and the data is stored in the management system, supports data query and export, and manages personnel entry and exit scientifically and effectively, reducing labor costs, improve production efficiency.

6. Standard operations for ESD turnstiles
1. Preparing for the test work: The test staff must stand on the pedals to prepare the test items, and the feet must stand in the middle of the footprints.
2. If you need to test the anti-static wrist strap, please insert the wrist strap test hole on the tester. If you need to detect the static indicators of your feet, you must stand in the middle of the footprints and touch the test button with your fingers. (Specific test modes are optional: only test hands, only test left hand + feet, only test right hand + feet, test hands + feet, etc.)
3. Put the ID (IC) card on your body close to the card swiping device, and the card swiping machine will automatically read the information on the card. (RFID system can be replaced with biometric device, fingerprint recognition, QR code, etc.)
4. Touch your finger on the test button and watch the LED on the tester to display the test results (the test time is adjustable from 0-5S, if the test time exceeds 5S, you must re-swipe the card to test again).
5. If the test is OK according to the setting, the system will turn on ESD turnstiles, and the tester can enter; if the test result is NO in the workshop, check your wrist strap or shoes, and the number of card swipes can be limited according to specific requirements.

7. Hazards caused by static electricity to electronic components/electronic products
In the electronics industry, static electricity will not only damage electronic components but even cause harm to personal safety. The annual loss to the electronics industry caused by static electricity in the United States alone amounts to tens of billions of dollars. Static electricity is harmful to electronic products. Preventing static electricity is a very important thing in the electronics industry. Static electricity has now become a terrorist in high-tech modern industries.

The hazards of static electricity to electronic components or electronic products are embodied in the following aspects:
(1), electrostatic adsorption of dust, reduce component insulation resistance (shorten life).
(2), electrostatic discharge damage, so that the components can not work (complete damage).
(3) The heat generated by the electrostatic discharge electric field or current causes the component to be injured (potential damage).
(4) The electromagnetic field generated by electrostatic discharge has a very large amplitude (up to several hundred volts/meter) and a very wide spectrum (from tens of megabytes to several gigabytes), causing interference or even damage to electronic products (electromagnetic interference).
(5) If all the components are damaged, they can be detected and eliminated in production and quality control, and the impact is small. If the components are slightly damaged, it is not easy to find them under normal testing. It is not only difficult to inspect but also the loss is difficult to predict. How much manpower and financial resources are needed to find out all the problems, and if the failure is detected during use, the loss may be huge, so it is necessary to choose conductive anti-static engineering plastics.

8. Optional configurations of ESD anti-static access control system
1. Offline ESD anti-static access control

Test modes:
1. Only measure the wrist strap to open the ESD turnstiles
2. Only test electrostatic shoes to open the ESD turnstiles
3. Open the ESD turnstiles after the wrist strap and electrostatic shoes are successfully tested at the same time
4. Open the ESD turnstiles after one of the wrist straps and electrostatic shoes is successfully tested

1. The test results are indicated by the LED lights of the electrostatic tester (HIGH, PASS, LOW)
2. After the test is successful, the gate will open the ESD turnstiles and the traffic light will prompt

1. Fast testing speed (about 30 persons/min)
2. Low cost and economic

1. No test results displayed and recorded;
2. Anyone can access without authorization, low-security level

2. Online ESD anti-static access control system without LED display

Test modes:
1. Swipe the card + test the wrist strap to open the ESD turnstiles successfully
2. Swipe the card + test the electrostatic shoes to open the ESD turnstiles successfully
3. Swipe card + wrist strap and electrostatic shoes to open the ESD turnstiles at the same time
4. Test-free card (swipe the card and open the ESD turnstiles without testing)
Remarks: The test header name department and other information of each card can be set by the software

1. After swiping the card, the items to be tested and the results are displayed in the LED light of the electrostatic tester, including (HIGH, PASS, LOW) and the distinction between left and right feet.
2. After the test is successful, the gate will open the ESD turnstiles and there will be a traffic light prompt

Advantages: The software can record the card swiping person's name, department, job number, test item electrostatic test results, and other information, and supports importing and exporting personnel lists and records.
Disadvantages: Without the LED display on the ESD turnstiles, the tester's information cannot be displayed on the display screen in real-time, and the access control card may be stolen;

3. Online ESD anti-static access control system + LED display
(Highly recommended!!!)

Test modes:
1. Swipe the card + test the wrist strap to open the door successfully
2. Swipe the card + test the electrostatic shoes to open the door successfully
3. Swipe card + wrist strap and electrostatic shoes to open the door at the same time
4. Test-free card (swipe the card and open the door without testing)
Note: The test item, name, department, and other information of each card can be set by the software

1. After swiping the card, the card information (name, department, job number, items to be detected) will be displayed on the 8-inch LCD screen.
2. Verify and test according to the prompt items on the LCD screen. After the success, it will display "The test is successful, please enter". If the test fails, it will display "Test failure prohibited entry" and the gate will not open the door.
3. The items and results to be tested are all displayed in the static test LED light prompt information including (HIGH, PASS, LOW) and distinguish between left and right feet
4. The software can record the name of the card swipe, department, work number, test project, test results and other information to support import and export of personnel lists and records

1.8-inch color high-definition display screen, clearer and more beautiful, users and managers can know in real time whether the electrostatic test has passed and whether the passage is allowed;
2. A variety of test modes can be set, for example, the management can swipe the card to enter without testing, the office staff needs to swipe the card and test the feet, and the production staff needs to swipe the card and test the hands and feet, etc.
3. The software records the entry and exit of personnel and the electrostatic test results, the system supports query and report export, no manual recording is required, and labor costs are reduced;

Welcome to contact us for your perfect ESD access control solutions, we will provide the most suitable configurations based on your needs. FYI, click here to find more ESD turnstiles.

9. Features of ESD turnstiles with face recognition
The Macrosafe ESD anti-static access control system means that employees can directly discharge the static electricity from the human body in real-time by wearing electrostatic wrist straps, anti-static shoes, and anti-static clothing, through anti-static floors, and ensuring that there is no problem with the wearing products. Earth, it is best to remove static electricity from personnel with a static eliminator before doing static electricity testing.

ESD turnstile gates combined with biometric devices is a system that uses face recognition technology to determine whether a person is himself or has a certain authorization, so as to take corresponding measures. Compared with swiping cards or fingerprints, it has the advantages of fast speed, high comparison success, and high-security level, and avoids the disadvantages of employees forgetting to bring cards instead of swiping cards. The core technology of the Macrosafe face recognition gate system is the face recognition algorithm, which can be used in a variety of application scenarios.
ESD turnstiles face recognition features:
1. The face recognition comparison success rate is higher than 99%;
2. 1: N has a high recognition accuracy, and when the face database is 10,000 (it is recommended that the face database be no higher than 10,000), the misrecognition rate is 1 in 10,000, the pass rate is 97%, and the 1:1 face comparison and recognition are accurate. The rate reached 99.7%;
3. The recognition speed is fast, the face tracking and detection takes about 20ms, the face feature extraction takes about 200ms, and the face comparison takes about 0.1ms;
4. Simulate human eyes through computer vision, in line with human recognition habits.
5. Face images can be collected without direct contact with the device;
6. There is no need to cooperate with the collection equipment, the person being collected is not easy to perceive, and the face image can be obtained almost unconsciously;
7. The accuracy rate of computer simulation vision is more than 99%, and it will not be fatigued, which is more reliable than the human eye.

10. Why are anti-static turnstiles essential for electronic production workshops?
ESD simply means "electrostatic discharge". Static electricity is an objective natural phenomenon that can be generated in many ways, such as contact and friction. The characteristics of static electricity are high voltage, low power, small current and short action time. The action of the human body itself or the contact, separation, friction or induction, and other factors with other objects can generate several thousand volts or even tens of thousands of volts of static electricity. The breakdown damage of components caused by electrostatic discharge is the most common and serious electrostatic hazard in the electronics industry. It is divided into the hard breakdown and soft breakdown. Hard breakdown is a one-time dielectric breakdown, burnout, or permanent failure of components; Soft breakdown The breakdown is to cause the performance degradation of the device or the decrease of the parameter index.

The voltage of electrostatic discharge carried by the human body may be as high as several thousand volts, but due to the limited amount of electricity, the discharge time is completed in an instant, so the damage caused is often the breakdown of the semiconductor dielectric layer and the semi-melting of the metal layer, and the damage is difficult to be directly detected in the later stage. However, the damage caused is often not revealed until the product reaches the end user; secondly, the economic loss caused by electrostatic discharge will gradually enlarge with the industrial chain, and the components that are directly damaged by electrostatic discharge, but with the assembly and Integration ultimately affects products and systems, and the loss will be unbearable.
In response to this situation, some manufacturers will provide anti-static clothing, shoes, gloves, hats, and other electrostatic protective clothing to employees. However, the anti-static ability of this type of product will be reduced after a long time. So how do you know if your anti-static equipment is effective and can be replaced in time? Macrosafe ESD turnstiles with access control system can effectively detect the static electricity carried by employees. If it exceeds the standard value, it is necessary to discharge the static electricity and pass the test again before entering the workshop to ensure that the products in the workshop are not damaged by static electricity.
At the same time, Macrosafe anti-static turnstiles integrate the access control system, which effectively prevents unauthorized personnel from entering the production workshop. Staff attendance records are recorded in the system in a timely manner, support query and export of reports, automated management, and reduce labor costs. Therefore, macrosafe ESD turnstiles access control system is an ideal choice for electronic production workshops such as SMT production lines, military electrostatic control areas, semiconductor clean rooms, precision instrument laboratories, etc. Welcome to
contact us for detailed solutions and quotations.

11. Routine maintenance of ESD turnstiles
First of all, Macrosafe ESD turnstiles are maintenance-free within one year of installation. After one year, we can carry out routine maintenance from the following aspects
1. Every three months, check whether the wiring of the ESD turnstile gate, ESD tester, power cable of the management host, network cable, and grounding cable is loose to ensure that the wiring is normal.
2. Check the power lights of the turnstiles control board and the static management board, and whether the network signal lights are normal.
3. Check the connection of each interface of the turnstiles movement to prevent the firmware from loosening.
4. Add lubricating oil to the connecting parts and move inside the gate every six months to maintain a good lubricating state.
5. Check whether the card reader is loose and whether it affects the sensitivity of card recognition.
6. The ESD tester needs to be calibrated once a year (networked ESD turnstiles can be automatically calibrated by the management host).

12. How to reduce static electricity in clean room?
With the continuous progress of industrial development, more and more industries have begun to apply clean rooms, especially in the popular precision electronics industry and pharmaceutical industry, the role of clean rooms is particularly important. When it comes to dust-free workshops, the most troublesome thing is the anti-static in the workshop. Then, in the dust-free workshop, how can we effectively prevent the generation of static electricity?
You can start from the following aspects:
1. Keep the ambient humidity
If the air is too dry, it will easily lead to the generation of static electricity. According to statistics, in the dry season in the north, there are not a few accidents due to static electricity, and the reason is that the air is too dry. Therefore, in important electrical places such as computer rooms and laboratories that need anti-static, we must pay attention to the problem of air humidity. It is best to install a device to control the air humidity to ensure a constant temperature state and effectively control the generation of static electricity.
2. Use anti-static equipment
There are many kinds of anti-static equipment. Generally, the anti-static equipment used in different places is different. Such as anti-static floors, electrostatic wristbands, electrostatic clothing, ion fans, etc. are commonly used anti-static equipment.
3. Control in the production process
For the transfer and storage of static-sensitive components and printed circuit boards between processes in the production process, anti-static feeding boxes, component boxes, turnover boxes, turnover trays, etc. must be used to prevent electrostatic accumulation from causing harm.
4. Do a good job of dust removal
Generally speaking, anti-static and dust removal are complementary, because the main source of static electricity is dust, and the reduction of dust will greatly reduce the generation of static electricity. Therefore, if you want to fundamentally solve the problem of static electricity, the most important thing is to do a good job of dust removal. Therefore, be sure to clean the clean room every day. At the same time, it is also necessary to place sticky dust pads at the door of the workshop, because this can effectively prevent dust from being brought into the dust-free workshop through people's shoes, so as to prevent dust from being brought into workshop in large quantities. It's even better if you have some dust-free pads and dust-free paper.
5. Set up ESD access control system at the entrance
ESD access control system refers to an intelligent solution that integrates ESD electrostatic tester, pedestrian turnstiles, and access control management system. Before employees enter the workshop to work, they should first conduct human body electrostatic testing, and only open the door to allow entry into the workshop if the turnstile gates meet the regulations. If the static electricity detection exceeds the specified value, it is necessary to check whether the anti-static clothing is properly worn, and then you can touch the static eliminator to release the static electricity on the body, and conduct the static electricity test again. In addition to static electricity detection, this system also supports preventing unauthorized personnel from entering the production workshop, employee attendance, and attendance information can be recorded on the computer in real-time, support query and export of reports, used to calculate wages, avoid manual calculation errors, no operator, streamlined manpower, reducing costs.

13. What are the hazards of industrial static electricity in the semiconductor industry?
As we all know, static electricity is ubiquitous and occurs all the time. It is eliminated in one second and it is generated again in the next second. This is true from static electricity in life to industrial static electricity. In many industrial fields, the impact of static electricity on the semiconductor manufacturing process is extra obvious, so the semiconductor industry has higher protection requirements for static electricity than other industries. So what are the specific hazards of static electricity to it?
1. MOS structure components, dielectric breakdown caused by excessive static electricity, resulting in short circuit
2. Semiconductor structural components, secondary breakdown of microplasma caused by overheating
3. Membrane resistor structural components, which form a new current path by dielectric breakdown
4. Metallized strip structure (IC), static electricity causes open circuit related to Joule heating
5. Piezoelectric crystal structure components, the mechanical pressure shock caused by electrostatic interference is too large, resulting in crystal fracture


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