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Face Recognition Turnstile System
Face recognition is a biometric recognition technology based on facial feature information. Faces are not easy to be copied, which provides a necessary prerequisite for identification. The face recognition turnstile system combines face recognition technology with the access control system and uses face recognition as the key to opening the turnstile gate. It not only avoids the trouble of forgetting to bring a key or card but also saves a lot of costs. Because the face recognition access control system does not require any medium to open the door, there is no need to replace the door lock when the personnel changes, thereby saving the cost of locks, keys, IC cards, etc.
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System Structure
Ergonomic Design
The product conforms to the ergonomic appearance design.
Standard TCP / IP Communication Mode
Standard configuration of TCP / IP communication mode, support cross network segment, cross gateway connection.
Infrared Optical System
Infrared optical systems, with strong adaptability to the environment, can still be recognized at night.
Full Touch Screen
Full touch screen, easy to operate, different simple fashion.
Face Recognition, Fingerprint Recognition,and Rfd Recognition
RFD of facial fingerprints can solve the limitation of single biometric application.
Offline Operation
The system can still be used when there is no network. The information and attendance data are stored automatically. Even if the power is off, the data will not be lost.
Powerful Attendance Function
Include all functions of attendance products in the market.
Copy USB Disk Data Under No Network Line
In the environment of inconvenient wire layout, you can use a U disk to copy all the punch-in information and attendance data.
Details To Report Function
Punch-in and out education data and attendance data can be customized to generate reports for easy management.
Lobby Turnstiles
Lobby Turnstiles
Lobby turnstiles is a kind of turnstile barrier gate installed at the entrances and exits of the lobby of office buildings, hotels and banks.
Handicap Turnstile Speed Gate
Handicap Turnstile Speed Gate
Using top-of-the-line technology, Speed Gate Turnstile MS02S runs smoothly and quietly, while its simple and classic design provides users with a pleasant experience. A variety of customized options are available for lighting guidance.
Portable Walk Through Metal Detector
Portable Walk Through Metal Detector
MS-FD300 portable walk-through metal detector is a mobile security gate that can be easily dismantled, folded, transported, and installed in various locations, unlike fixed security gates. Its portability allows for flexibility in use and enables swift deployment in different settings. These detectors are commonly used in temporary or changing security environments where the need for mobility is paramount, such as event venues, public gatherings, or temporary security checkpoints.
Speed Gate Turnstile 
Speed Gate Turnstile 
With cylindrical compact and modern design, speed gate turnstile  MS06S is especially suitable for aisles, corridors, side doors and other places with limited spaces. It is also compatible with a variety of access control systems.
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