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Lobby Turnstiles
Lobby Turnstiles
Lobby Turnstiles
Lobby Turnstiles

Lobby Turnstiles

Lobby turnstiles is a kind of turnstile barrier gate installed at the entrances and exits of the lobby of office buildings, hotels and banks.
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Lobby Turnstiles Description:

Lobby turnstiles are a kind of turnstile barrier gate installed at the entrances and exits of the lobby of office buildings, hotels, and banks. An access control system, usually facial recognition and a QR code, is also installed inside the lobby gate. The staff will enter the face ID of the internal staff into the turnstiles in the lobby in advance so that the faces of the internal staff can pass through the turnstiles in the lobby. Outsiders or visitors will need to obtain a temporary QR code at the lobby's management office to pass through the lobby turnstiles, otherwise, they will be blocked.

How to choose the suitable lobby turnstiles:

When choosing lobby turnstiles, you need to consider the flow of people, aesthetics, and safety. Usually, speed gates and sliding gates are chosen. Because the speed gate and sliding gate are more beautiful, they can meet the aesthetic requirements of the lobby. In addition, tall swing doors and fast opening speeds improve security and speed at the entrance to the lobby.

The choice of turnstile access control system is also very important. Compared with traditional card swiping, more and more lobby turnstiles use face recognition and QR code. Because when the card is obtained by outsiders, it can be used by them to easily pass the turnstile, and face recognition does not have this problem. In addition, visitors need to register at the management office to obtain a temporary paper QR code, and once they pass the turnstile, the QR code will be invalid forever.

The installation process of lobby turnstiles:

1. Measure the width of the entrance of the lobby where turnstiles need to be installed, and confirm with the manufacturer the number of turnstiles that need to be installed.
2. After the received turnstiles are placed in the correct position of the entrance in the order and direction marked by the manufacturer, mark the position where the gate screws are fixed with a marker pen. Use an impact drill to drill a round hole at the marked position, then use a hammer to knock down the expansion screw and fix the gate.
3turnstiles are composed of a master on one side and a slave on the other side, and the master and slave need to be connected by an online cable (provided by the manufacturer). After connecting the wires, place them in the wireway and secure them to the ground.
4. Fix the face recognition device on the top cover of turnstiles, and connect the relay signal of the face recognition device to the door opening signal of the turnstiles controller.
5. Test whether the turnstiles in the lobby are normal. If you have any questions, please contact the turnstile manufacturer in time.

Lobby Turnstiles Dimension:

Lobby Turnstiles Dimension

Lobby Turnstiles Features:

The whole system runs smoothly, quite, no mechanical impact;
High glass barriers avoid climbing over/crawling;
Automatic reset function: tripod arm will lock automatically if nobody enter within 5s(Can be set);
Advance servo motor ensures short open time;
Automatically open/close if power off;
Can be integrated with any type of access control systems;
Simple installation, easy operation, and low maintenance;
Model No. MS09S
Cabinet Material SUS304/316 stainless steel
Arm Material SUS304/316 stainless steel
Unit Dimension(W*L*H) 1400*300*1000mm
Passing Direction Uni-directional/Bi-directional
Photoelectric Sensor 4 Pairs
Passage Width 550mm
Opening/Closing 0.5 seconds
Flow Rate 40-45 person/min

Brushless/Servo Motor

Power Supply AC100-230V,50Hz
Voltage from the AC (100–240) V, 50/60 Hz
from a DC source 24 V
Application Indoor and outdoor(Shelter)
Working Temperature -25℃~+70℃
Operation Humidity 0 ~ 95% (No freeze)
MCBF 8,000,000 cycles
Anti-panic mode Automatically open when power off
Communication Dry contact, Relay signal, RS485
High Speed Gate
High Speed Gate
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Turnstile Entry System
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Automated Turnstiles
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