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ESD control system-SMT workshop,Korea
Application:SMT workshop, Korea
Turnstile Gate:Tripod turnstile
Access Control System:ESD control system + fingerprint

One of our customers from South Korea requested that employees be statically tested at the entrances of the factory's production workshop. After confirming that each employee passes the test, they can enter the factory through the turnstile gates. In response to customer requirements, Macrosafe provides an ESD tripod turnsitle gate for access control.

What is ESD control system?
The ESD control system developed by Macrosafe combines ESD testing and turnstile gate access control systems; in EPA premises, the tests of electrostatic shoes and electrostatic wrist straps are carried out by traditional manual supervision methods, which are not easy to implement and even make mistakes. , Causing great potential hazards to the electronic equipment in the production workshop; in response to these shortcomings, Macrosafe proposes a direct and effective solution to ensure that the static electricity carried by the human body is lower than the standard requirements when the operator enters the EPA area; combined with swing gates,flap gates, tripod turnstiles and other pedestrian access control turnstiles which can provide an orderly way for people to enter and exit, prevent unauthorized entry and exit, and quickly open the turnstile gates in emergency situations and stop them in time.
What advantages do the ESD control system provide?

1.Custom test mode
The ESD control system allows various combinations of verification base on project requirements:
RFID card + hands&feet full test
RFID card + hand&left foot test
RFID card + hand&right foot test
RFID card + only left foot test
RFID card + only right foot test
RFID card without ESD test

2.Real-time display of test results
LCD screen can be configured to display the testing resluts; when the test fails, the card error, time zone error, holiday.
control and hand and shoe test errors can be displayed in real time, so as to remind employees to know the test the error content shall be dealt with accordingly.

3.Flexible access control management
With multiple access control functions such as time zone control and holiday control, flexible access control management.
4.Scientific testing process
Follow the steps of first swiping the card to compare the legal authority of the card, and then electrostatic testing, so as to avoid illegal cards or external cards also time-consuming testing only to find the card error and then exit, increasing the waiting time for others.
5.Efficient and fast testing

Macrosafe ESD&access control system allows to compare the wrist strap and left and right foot shoes with ESD test signals at the same time, in order to quickly respond to the results, so as not to test the hands and then the feet or the feet and then the hands to increase the entire test process time.

Why ESD control system is important?
Static electricity is an objective natural phenomenon, produced in many ways, such as contact and friction. Static electricity is characterized by high voltage, low power, low current and short action time. Human body's own actions or contact, separation, friction or induction with other objects can generate thousands of volts or even tens of thousands of volts of static electricity. Component breakdown damage caused by electrostatic discharge is the most common and serious electrostatic hazard in the electronics industry. It is divided into hard breakdown and soft breakdown. Hard breakdown is a one-time cause of component dielectric breakdown, burning or permanent failure; soft Breakdown is caused by the deterioration of the performance of the device or the decline of the parameter index.
Macrosafe ESD&access control system ensures that the electrostatic value of employees entering the workshop is within a safe range, and reduce the company's millions of losses due to static electricity each year. This also explains why electronics factories install ESD anti-static access control turnstile. The ESD anti-static access control system is compulsive. Employees must pass the ESD anti-static access control system test before entering the workshop. At the same time, the test data can be used as attendance data.

What kind of applications need ESD control system?
Macrosafe ESD cotnrol system are widely used in SMT production line control area, semiconductor industry clean room, high-tech research and development room, defense and military electrostatic control area, explosive disposal area, aviation and space maintenance and verification area, pharmaceutical factory electrostatic control area, hospital control area, biochemical industry Electrostatic control zone semiconductor production lines, semiconductor assembly production lines, chips, microprocessors, hard drives, drives, composite materials, circuit board production lines, precision instruments, optical products, aerospace industry, optical instruments, electronic production and packaging, chemicals, optical lenses, biology Medicine, precision instruments, beverages and food, PCB printing, packaging and spraying...all kinds of occasions requiring anti-static testing and protection.