Swing Barrier
Waist High Turnstile
Waist High Turnstile
Waist High Turnstile
Waist High Turnstile
Waist High Turnstile
Waist High Turnstile
Waist High Turnstile
Waist High Turnstile

Waist High Turnstile

Patent: MS02B-X
Waist height turnstile is a kind of turnstile gate with a physical barrier that reaches the height of the human waist, which can provide one-way or two-way contactless passage according to demand.
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Waist High Turnstile Video:

What is waist high turnstile?

A waist-high turnstile is a type of rotating gate used to control access to a given area, like a building or a park. It consists of two or more arms, connected to a central hub, that rotate in a circular motion when a person pushes against them.

The arms can either be locked in place, allowing only one person through at a time, or they can be unlocked and freely rotating, allowing multiple people to pass through at once.

The turnstile is usually waist-high, making it difficult for people to climb over. It's a simple yet effective way to control and monitor access to a certain area.

Waist High Turnstile Installation Guide:

Waist High Turnstile Applications:

Come with various and powerful functions, aesthetically pleasing design and affordable price, waist height turnstiles are used in various projects of various sizes, exhibition centers, chain stores, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, airports, subways, offices buildings, culture facilities.

Waist High Turnstile Dimension:

waist high turnstile dimension drawing

Waist High Turnstile Maintenance: How to Keep Your Turnstiles in Good Working Order

1. Regularly inspect the turnstiles for any visible signs of damage.
2. Ensure proper lubrication of the mechanical parts.
3. Check the security settings and access control systems.
4. Test the electronic components and replace any faulty ones.
5. Troubleshoot any issues and regularly clean the turnstiles to prevent dirt buildup.

The Advantages of Installing Waist High Turnstiles in Public Spaces

1. Increased Security: Installing waist high turnstiles in public spaces can act as a deterrent against potential security threats.

2. Easy Accessibility: Waist high turnstiles are designed with easy access in mind, allowing for quick entry and exit for all visitors.

3. Cost Savings: By installing waist high turnstiles, organizations can save significantly on labor costs associated with staff monitoring entry/exit points.

4. Less Wear and Tear: A waist high turnstile has fewer moving parts than a full-height turnstile, resulting in less wear and tear and lower maintenance costs.

6. Automated Entries: Waist high turnstiles can be equipped with automated entry systems, allowing for efficient and fast entry for visitors.

Model No. MS02B-X
Cabinet Material SUS304/316 stainless steel
Arm Material SUS304/316 stainless steel
Unit Dimension(W*L*H) 1400*180*980mm
Passing Direction Uni-directional/Bi-directional
Photoelectric Sensor 3 Pairs
Passage Width 600mm
Opening/Closing 0.5 seconds
Flow Rate 40-45 person/min

Brushed/Brushless/Servo Motor

Power Supply AC100-230V,50Hz
Voltage from the AC (100–240) V, 50/60 Hz
from a DC source 24 V
Application Indoor and outdoor(Shelter)
Working Temperature -25℃~+70℃
Operation Humidity 0 ~ 95% (No freeze)
MCBF 8,000,000 cycles
Anti-panic mode Automatically open when power off
Communication Dry contact, Relay signal, RS485
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