License Plate Recognition System
Automatic Number Plate Recognition
Automatic Number Plate Recognition
Automatic Number Plate Recognition
Automatic Number Plate Recognition
Automatic Number Plate Recognition
Automatic Number Plate Recognition
Automatic Number Plate Recognition
Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Patent: MS-LPR003
Up to 99.7% recognition rate, 4 megapixels, MS-LPR003 auto NPR parking system improves traffic speed, management efficiency, and reduces labor costs. It's the perfect parking solution for Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, etc.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition:

Automatic Number plate recognition (ANPR) is an automated technology used to identify vehicles by capturing and reading number plates with optical character recognition software. This technology is used in parking systems to allow access to authorized vehicles while preventing access to unauthorized ones. 


Why Automatic Number Plate Recognition is the ideal parking solution?

Automatic number plate recognition system adopts a surveillance high-definition license plate recognition camera, a fully automatic fast lifting pole gate, an electronic voice integrated display screen, a digital vehicle detector and supplementary light equipment. pass. The following briefly introduces the main functions of the license plate recognition system.

The main functions of the automatic number plate recognition system include:

1. Speed Up Traffic

Compared with the outdate RFID card parking system, the passability of the license plate recognition is much higher than that of the card swiping system, which can realize the non-stop entry of vehicles. Combined with turnstile gates, it provides intelligent access control for pedestrians and vehicles for high-traffic occasions, such as large shopping malls, residential apartments, commercial buildings, etc.

2. Intelligent operation

No security guard or people toll collector needed, which avoids unnecessary manual intervention. The intelligent pure license plate recognition charging system automatically calculates, reducing the work intensity of security personnel.

No need for security guards to take into account the situation of vehicles at the entrance and exit, and only need to quickly charge the vehicles that leave the venue. And the system can automatically open the gate when the charging amount is zero, reducing the workload of the charging personnel.

3. Strict management

All vehicles entering and exiting are provided with pictures and license plate numbers. The entry and exit of temporary parking are automatically matched, and the temporary parking fee is calculated. If there is a free release under special circumstances, there is a selection record of the reason for free, so that all vehicle entry and exit are recorded.

4. Simple configuration and low cost

Compared with the more complicated RFID card parking system, the automatic number plate recognition for parking is simpler to configure and easier to maintain. Installation and commissioning do not require any professional knowledge.

5. More user-friendly

In the traditional RFID card parking system, whether it is a temporary car or an internal vehicle, the owner needs to show the authorization card to enter and exit. Once the card is lost, the car owner cannot enter and exit, and there is a risk of being picked up by others and used fraudulently. The NPR system uses the number plate as the only credential, which is safe and convenient.

Please check and find more information about automatic number plate recognition.

Automaic Number Plate Recogniton Camera Parameters:

Model No.
Support Country
Taiwan, Brazil, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong, Macau, Chile, Colombia, South Africa, Dubai, Azerbaijan, Ireland, Brazil, Bulgaria, Poland, Denmark, Germany, France, Netherlands, Kyrgyzstan, Croatia, Kenya, Romania, Malta,Moldova, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey,etc.
4 million pixel starlight CMOS
Recognition Rate
Anti-counterfeiting rate
Recognition angle
left and right up to 65°, up and down up to 60°
Recognition distance
2 meters ~ 12 meters
License Plate Recognition Features
Number, Color, Type, Width
License plate white list
Support accurate and intelligent fuzzy matching white list license plate rules
Smart Calibration
Support precise or wildcard smart calibration of license plate number, license plate type and color
Indoor and outdoor
Working Temperature
Fill light
4 alarm inputs, 1 RS485, audio input and output, fill light control, USB and other rich interfaces, that meet requirement ono the road barrier, ground sense coil, LED display, PC, voice intercom terminal, etc
Voice broadcast
English, Chinese (support customized)

Automaic Number Plate Recognition System Software:

Automatic Numer Plate Recognition Camera Features:

◆ 4 Million star-level image effects, dual-core processor CNN acceleration;
◆ Equipped with VIR6.0 algorithm and deep learning technology.  supports comprehensive and accurate identification of vehicle;
◆ MS-LPR003 can identify 11 types of cars, SUVs, trucks and etc. At the same time support more than 2100 car models;
◆Millisecond-level extremely fast response:From recognition to barrier opening, it will be reduced to 100ms that improve user experience;
◆ Latest anti-counterfeiting algorithm will integrate the characteristics of vehicles and license plates to avoid misidentification on car plate number, alphabet and images;
◆  Cloud management platform breaks through the geographical limitations of traditional networks;
◆ Designed for unmanned, easy installation and maintenance;
◆ Remote voice intercom: The camera has a built-in audio input/output interface;
◆ 4G/5G cableless networking: The stability and reliable on unmanned scenarios determine the operational efficiency and user experience;
◆ Rich hardware interface, stable and reliable performance;
◆ Support TF card data storage, to store number plate identification content, incoming car video and other data, with system logs;

Topology Diagram of Automatic Number Plate Recognition Parking System
Automatic License Plate Recognition Parking System
Automatic License Plate Recognition Parking System
As a professional access control product
License Plate Recognition Camera
License Plate Recognition Camera
As a professional access control product
Car Plate Recognition
Car Plate Recognition
As a professional access control product
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