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2023 Best Gym Turnstiles & Fitness Club Entrance Solution

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1. What Are Gym Turnstiles? 
1.1 How Do Gym Turnstiles Work?
     1.2 Types of Gym Turnstiles
     1.3 What is Gym Turnstiles Price?
     1.4 Key Factors to Consider When Invest Gym Turnstiles

2. Common Difficulties in Gym Entrance Management
3. Benefits That Gym Turnstiles Bring to Fitness Clubs
4. Where to Buy Gym Turnstiles?
5. Which Places Need Gym Turnstiles?

6. 6 Most Popular Gym Turnstiles  
7. Which Is The Best Access Control System for Gyms?
8. Costs Associated With Investing In A Door Entry Control System For Fitness Clubs 

gym turnstile

What Are Gym Turnstiles? 

Gym turnstiles are a kind of entryway system designed to control access to a gym facility. These entryways are usually installed at the front of the gym, and they are typically controlled by the use of membership cards or key fobs. These systems can be designed to work with various types of membership systems, such as barcode scanners or magnetic strip readers. 

The main purpose of a gym turnstile is to track gym attendance and ensure only authorized individuals are allowed entry into the facility. This helps to ensure the safety and security of gym members and their personal belongings. Additionally, gym turnstile systems can help gym owners to monitor attendance and usage patterns in their facility, which can inform business decisions and marketing efforts.

1.1 How Do Gym Turnstiles Work?

Gym turnstiles are an essential part of managing the flow of visitors to fitness facilities. These turnstiles work to ensure a level of security and safety for visitors while also providing important data and information about gym users. Understanding how gym turnstiles work from the perspective of reserved visitors, non-reserved visitors, members, and staffs can help you make a wise decision.


For Reserved Visitors
Reserved visitors usually have booking made in advance. A receptionist at the gym facility will provide them with a special access card or ticket when they arrive. They can easily enter the gym turnstile to access the gym facility with it.


For Non-Reserved Visitors
Non-reserved visitors often pay a fee or membership fee at the front desk to gain access to the gym. Once their payment has been processed, they will be provided with a special access card or QR code ticket that will grant them entry through the gym turnstile.


For Members
Members of the gym facility usually have their own access card or access code that they can use to gain entry during permit period. 


For Staff
Staff usually have a special access card that they can use to gain entry into the gym facility. These cards often have higher levels of security clearance, allowing them to access restricted areas of the gym.


In gyms, turnstiles work by utilizing magnetic strips or bar codes on access cards or tickets. By scanning their card or ticket at the designated turnstiles, visitors will be granted access to the facility. In some gyms, optical sensors and biometic technology may be added to enhance security.

1.3 Types of Gym Turnstiles

1. 3.1 Tripod turnstiles
Each rotate of tripod turnstile allow one person pass througn a time.
Advantage: Easy installation, cost-effective and require less space. 
Disadvantages: Limited security features and throughput 

1. 3.2 Swing barriers
Swing barriers swing open in one direction and then automatically close behind the individual. 
Advantages: Quick passage, high-security features, less footpritn and handicap accessible 
Disadvantages: High cost and they require more space compared to tripod turnstiles.

1. 3.3 Flap barriers
Flap gate retracts its acrylic flaps to open the passage and allow access.
Advantages: Ideal for high foot traffic, user-friendly with sleek design
Disadvantages: Not suitable for individuals with mobility issues.

1. 3.4 Speed gates
Similar to swing barriers, it swing open to allow access. 
Advantages: Space-efficient, highest throughput, advance features and maximum aesthetics
Disadvantages: More expensive than other types of gym turnstiles. 

In summary, when choosing a turnstile for your fitness club, consider the available space, security needs, and the number of people passing through. 

tripod turnstile for gym gym swing barrier gym flap barrier   gym speed gate  

1.3 Key Factors to Consider When Invest Gym Turnstiles

When investing in gym turnstiles, consider security features, durability, integration with gym management systems, user-friendliness, accessibility compliance, maintenance support, and cost-effectiveness. These factors will help you choose turnstiles that enhance security, accessibility, and operational efficiency at your facility.

Common Difficulties in Gym Entrance Management

The management of gym entrances can be complicated due to a number of factors. 
1. Crowded Entrance: At peak times, a gym entrance can become crowded, leading to long waiting times for members. This can easily frustrate clients and discourage them from returning.

2. Security Concerns: A gym’s entrance management system needs to ensure that only authorized members can enter the facility. Poor management of the entrance can lead to unauthorized persons gaining access, which can compromise the safety and privacy of members.

3. Membership Verification: Managing membership verification can be cumbersome. A gym needs to ensure that only the correct and authorized members access its facilities.However, manual verification is inefficient and time-consuming, giving customers a very poor experience.

4. Checking-in Process: Some gym attendance management software can be complicated and time-consuming, making the checking-in process lengthy and frustrating for members.

5. Equipment Access: Certain types of gym equipment may be restricted to certain members based on their membership package. Ensuring that only authorized members access equipment can sometimes be challenging.

6. Capacity Constraints: During peak periods, a gym may need to manage the number of clients accessing the facility to ensure that they do not exceed the available space. The entrance management system should help in capacity management.

Benefits That Gym Turnstiles Bring to Fitness Clubs

Gym turnstiles are essential tools for fitness clubs to ensure a secure and efficient environment for members. In this article, we will discuss the particular advantages that gym turnstiles bring to fitness clubs.
gym turnstile
Enhanced Security
One of the primary reasons why fitness clubs invest in gym turnstiles is to significantly increase security levels. These systems restrict access to only those individuals who have a valid gym membership or pass. Allowing only authorized individuals to enter the gym can help prevent theft, limit vandalism and reduce the risk of injury or other incidents. 

Reduced Staffing Costs
Gym turnstiles can help reduce staffing costs for fitness clubs. Without a turnstile system in place, fitness clubs would have to employ staff to check member IDs and validate member status. However, with turnstiles, the entire process is automated, eliminating the need for staff members to check memberships manually. This can save thousands of dollars in staff costs annually, which can be reinvested back into the gym to provide better equipment and facilities for its members.

gym turnstile with face recognitiongym turnstile with fingerprint reader
Improved Member Tracking
With gym turnstiles, fitness clubs can keep track of the number of members are present in the gym at any given time. This feature can be helpful in situations where gyms experience high traffic periods, such as peak hours. Gym managers can use the information to make informed decisions regarding staffing, equipment maintenance or even introducing new classes or programs. Gym turnstiles can also provide valuable infomation into what parts of the gym are most popular and which ones are not.

More Professional Appearance
Gym turnstiles can also contribute to creating a more professional and high-end appearance for a fitness club. They provide the added security and convenience that members have come to expect from a modern gym. Additionally, gym turnstiles can be adorned with the gym's logo or personal branding, making them an attractive feature that supplements the overall aesthetics of the gym.

gym turnstile
In conclusion, gym turnstiles are a must-have for fitness clubs. With advantages like enhanced security, reduced staff costs, improved member tracking and a more professional appearance, it's easy to see why these systems have become an essential tool for modern fitness clubs. Turnstile systems allow you to streamline your gym operations and ensure that your members are safe and secure.

Where to Buy Gym Turnstiles?

If you're looking to buy gym turnstiles, you're in the right place. We are a professional manufacturer and exporter of high-quality turnstile gates designed for a range of applications, including gym and fitness centers.
gym turnstile
Our turnstiles are designed to be durable, reliable, and secure, ensuring that only authorized individuals are able to access your gym or fitness center. We offer a range of turnstile gates, including tripod turnstiles and speed gates, each of which is designed to meet the specific needs of your facility.

So if you're looking to buy gym turnstiles, look no further. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you secure your gym or fitness center.

Which Places Need Gym Turnstiles?

1. Large swimming gym
Such venues require guests to check in manually, verify their identities, receive a dressing room bracelet, and then enter the venue to change swimsuits and swim. This not only increases the counter's workload, but also makes it difficult to control guests during peak hours, and to verify guests' rights as they enter and leave the venue.

swing pool
2. Fitness Club
There are two types of guests in the fitness clubs. The first is long-term members, who mostly use manual review; the second is individual guests, who must pay at the counter and then enter with a key. This situation will also increase front desk workloads, and it will create difficulties in tracking financial statistics about individual customers, which is easy to forget and miscalculate.
3. Basketball Hall/Badminton Hall
Basketball halls usually charge both group and individual fees. For groups, the person in charge will make an appointment in advance by phone or online. After arriving, the counter will verify their identity and enter the venue. Most individuals enter the venue after paying at the front desk. In this case, it is easy for people to pretend to enter the venue for group bookings, and the financial statistics of individual passengers are difficult, and it is easy to miss and miscalculate.

basketball hall
4. Unattended gym
The unattended gym is open 24 hours a day, with unmanned management, and fitness equipment can be used at any time. It is more intelligent and saves manpower to a great extent.

5. Comprehensive sports venues
Comprehensive sports venues have a wider business scope, and there are all the admission problems of the above-mentioned fitness venues, as well as more complex admission logic, more diverse business scenarios, and difficult operations.

6 Most Popular Gym Turnstiles  

gym turnstile   gym turnstile   gym turnstile
fitness club gate   fitness club gate   fitness club gate

7. Which Is The Best Access Control System for gyms?

As a fitness club owner, it's important to invest in a reliable access control system for the safety of your members and facility.
Common types of access control systems for gyms are proximity cards/fobs, biometric systems, smart phone access, keypad systems, and magnetic locks.

Proximity Cards & Fobs
Members can simply swipe their card or fob on the reader to gain entry to the gym. 
Pros: cost-effective and easy to manage.
Cons: Less secure as they can be lost or shared with others.

Biometric System
With biometric system, user can use fingerprint or face recognition to grant access to the gym.
Pro: More secure, convenient, and eliminate the risk of losing a card or fob
Cons: More expensive and sensitive to environmental conditions.

Smart Phone Access
As newer option in the market,smart phone access allows members to use their smartphones and apps to gain entry to the gym. 
Pros: Convenient and allows for easy management.
Cons: Limited accessibility for members without smartphones and carries the risk of losing one's phone.

Keypad System
With Keypad systems, members enter a  code on a number pad to grant entry to the gym.
Pros: Allow for individual codes for each member and no risk of losing a card or fob.
Cons: the code can be shared and requires more maintenance.

Magnetic Locks
Magnetic Locks system require credentials to be scanned, followed by a manual release of the lock.
Pros:Simple, easy to install, low cost
Cons: No extensions, no aesthetics

Consider the level of security needed, budget, and convenience for members when choosing an access control system for your gym. The right system depends on your specific needs and preferences.


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