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Why turnstiles are perfect access control solutions for gyms?

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1. What are gym turnstiles? 
The traditional way of entering the gym requires a lot of time for employees to register and confirm members’ entry and exit. During peak hours, members even need to wait in line, which not only delays members’ time, but also makes employees spend a lot of energy to register information, and even there is information Problems such as registration errors directly affect the daily operation of the venue.
To save time for members to enter and exit the venue and reduce the operating cost of the venue, you need gym turnstiles to replace the traditional manual verification process. Macrosafe gym turnstiles can effectively monitor and manage the entry and exit of members and non-members, help fitness venues truly realize intelligence and digitization, free up manpower for gyms, and allow employees to do more valuable things.In addition, gym turnstiles can provide detailed statistics on members' entry and exit records, store arrival time and other data, providing a detailed data basis for member data analysis, and venues can further optimize their own business strategies through the data. It supports secondary cards, stored-value cards, term cards, and time-of-day cards. At the same time, you can also freely set the access permissions for card types, such as swimming pool exclusive channels and VIP exclusive channels. The one-in-one-out setting (similar to a subway station) can effectively prevent the term card user from carrying people, etc.

2. What management problems are currently encountered in gyms?
With the hot development of the fitness business, many fitness managers naturally hope that the more members, the better, but the problem of membership management has also become the focus of attention. Traditional gyms improve membership conversion rates by guiding customers to apply for annual cards. However, with the increase in the number of members who apply for cards, both registration and class appointments have brought challenges to gyms.
So what management problems are currently encountered in gyms?

1. Difficult to sign in and the statistics are confusing
Traditional gyms may rely on paper records or manual registration to help members sign in and open cards. However, when the scale of the gym has expanded to a certain extent, it is undoubtedly time-consuming and labor-intensive and prone to errors.

2. Lack of access control management and many ticket evaders
Gyms are different from ordinary offices or hotels, which simply reject unauthorized visitors. On the one hand, gyms need to display the fitness equipment inside to attract more passers-by to enter. On the other hand, reasonable access control management should be set up to allow members to enter and visitors. Please register first and then enter. However, traditional gyms do not pay attention to access control management, so that members and non-members cannot be managed separately. Fare evaders could not be detected in time.

3. The tracking service is not timely and the labor cost is high
Membership is the core of a gym's profitability, so many gyms recruit multiple employees to ensure service quality. The more members, the greater the workload of tracking customers. Therefore, more people need to be recruited to know whether each member is on time for class, whether he is absent, why, etc. The workload is huge, so manual cost is also a big burden for gym operations.

3. Gym turnstile greatly improves management efficiency
In response to the above problems, in fact, as long as we install gym turnstiles at the entrance of the fitness club, the problem can be solved. They can help administrators manage more efficiently, and the computer can automatically process complex data statistics to avoid manual statistics errors.

1. Save operating costs.
Health clubs generally have waiters at the front desk, one is to image and receive customers; the other is to identify members and prevent non-members from entering the club. However, labor expenses have greatly increased the operating costs of the club. Gym access gate system, and face recognition access gate confirms member information, which can save operating costs.

2, Avoid management confusion.
Manual management will inevitably lead to abuse of power. The front desk arranges non-members or conspirators to enter the club as others; the front desk temporarily leaves the time, unattended, and omissions such as non-members entering the club will cause management confusion. The face recognition gate confirms the member information, prevents the occurrence of undesirable phenomena, and improves the management efficiency.

3. Solve implementation difficulties.
In hourly charging places, the efficiency of manual timing is low; when taking a shower in the bathroom, water resources are abused; tea and goods are sold manually; these aspects have low efficiency in manual management, difficulty in accurate implementation, and poor member experience, making it difficult to improve the industry’s competitive advantage. Enable the gym gate system, face recognition gate to confirm member information, intelligently manage the gym, improve management efficiency and reduce operating costs

4. 5 reasons why Macrosafe gym turnstiles are the ideal access control solution for fitness centers?
01. Various gym turnstiles with different access control solutions
Macrosafe access control system supports multi-mode identification: face, QR code, IC card, finger vein, bracelet and other identification methods to meet the needs of different venues.
And Macrosafe provides more than 30+ models of gym turnstiles with different designs, you could always find the ideal one for your own fitness center.

02. Multi-authority combination to judge guest identity
Macrosafe access control system can meet a variety of business scenarios through the configuration combination in the background and can set different rules for different access control, such as setting the type of membership card for members to enter the venue, restricting the keywords of the membership card, setting the access control time period, etc., to maximize the Meet the needs of different venues.

03. Deduction logic in different scenarios
In the Macrosafe fitness club turnstiles system, venues can set the type of card held by members: secondary card, term card, stored-value card, etc. for verification.
Secondary card: experience the secondary card for verification;
Term card: monthly, weekly, annual, etc. for verification;
Stored-value card: Those who need to use a stored-value card to enter the venue can use the stored-value card for verification.

04. Intelligent linkage of software and hardware
Macrosafe gym turnstile system supports docking with various third-party gym management software to strengthen the close connection between software and hardware. Detailed statistics of members' entry and exit records, store arrival time and other data can be provided to provide a detailed data basis for member data analysis, and venues can further optimize their own business strategies through the data.

05. Statistical analysis of financial data
The macrosafe gym management background has detailed records of the deductions generated by members entering and leaving the venue. The venue's reservation can view the records of individual guest admission, group chartered venues, and individual passenger overtime billing. The accounts are clear and the financial data is easy to check.

Macreosafe gym turnstiles help fitness venues provide smart solutions, and has provided services for 1000+ fitness venues. Through standardized and data-based management, it reduces costs and makes your venue operation and management more efficient. Contact us for a free proposal now.

5. Which places need gym turnstiles?
1. Large swimming gym
Guests of such venues often need to go to the front desk to check in manually, compare their identities, receive a dressing room bracelet, and then enter the venue for dressing exercise. This not only increases the workload of the front desk, but also cannot control the guests during peak hours, and cannot effectively distinguish the rights of guests entering and leaving the venue.

2. Swimming pool
There are two types of guests in the swimming pool. One is long-term members, who mostly rely on manual review to enter the venue; the other is individual guests, who need to pay at the front desk and then enter the venue with a key or bracelet. Similarly, this situation will increase the workload of the front desk, and it will also lead to difficulties in the financial statistics of individual customers, which is easy to miss and miscalculate.

3. Basketball Hall/Badminton Hall
Most of the ball venues are charged according to the venue, which is divided into group charter and individual entry. Group chartered venues are generally reserved by the person in charge directly with the front desk. Those who enter the venue after booking will enter the venue in the form of reporting their identity at the front desk. Individual guests need to pay at the front desk before entering the venue. In this case, it is easy for people to pretend to enter the venue for group bookings, and the financial statistics of individual passengers are difficult, and it is easy to miss and miscalculate.

4. Unattended gym
The unattended gym is open 24 hours a day, with unmanned management, and fitness equipment can be used at any time. It is more intelligent and saves manpower to a great extent.

5. Comprehensive sports venues
Comprehensive sports venues have a wider business scope, and there are all the admission problems of the above-mentioned fitness venues, as well as more complex admission logic, more diverse business scenarios, and difficult operations.

With the update and iteration of technology, the method of relying on manual verification to enter the venue is gradually replaced by the intelligent access control system. The access control system can not only liberate the front desk, and reduce manpower, but also improve the efficiency of admission verification and enhance the member experience.

Macrosafe gym turnstiles are suitable for various gym business scenarios, and provide different access control system solutions for different business scenarios, including self-identification of membership (multi-recognition scheme), multi-authority combination to determine the identity of guests, deduction logic for different scenarios, Intelligent linkage of software and hardware, statistical analysis of financial data, is the best access control solution for fitness centers, various gymnasiums and swimming pools.

6. The development trend of gym turnstiles with access control system
1. SaaS docking, supporting a variety of business models
Macrosafe gym turnstile access control system supports seamless connection with third-party gym SaaS management systems and can collect detailed statistics on members' entry and exit records, store arrival time and other data, providing a detailed data basis for member data analysis, and venues can further optimize themselves through data. business strategy. Venue reservation is the core function of the gymnasium management system. It can realize on-site ticket window reservations, and can also make venue reservations through the online app. The reservation information is synchronized in real-time. After the reservation is successful, the system synchronously displays that the time slot of the venue has been occupied. Furthermore, you can set the validity period, the number of valid times, or deduct fees per time and so on according to the needs of the members.

2. Support a variety of identification technologies
Macrosafe gym turnstile access control system, used with smart face devices, can support finger vein, QR code, bracelet, face and other identification methods, which can be freely combined. In the traditional card recognition mode, the card is easy to be lost, used fraudulently, and the member forgets to bring the card and cannot enter it.
The finger vein adopts the third-generation recognition technology, the finger vein has high stability, and the recognition rate reaches more than 99.99%.

3. Support multi-channel type
Gym turnstiles include flap barriers, swing turnstile gates, tripod turnstiles, speed gates and other types. Single, double, and three-channel access methods can be freely matched. The venue can choose the appropriate gate style according to the crowd positioning and decoration style to meet your needs. All needs.
At the same time, it can be combined with TV screen projection. When customers enter the venue, welcome words can be set to welcome customers, giving customers a more friendly atmosphere.The future development trend of gym management systems must be towards digital management. All data information is managed, queried and counted through computers and mobile phones. Order management and sales data statistical reports are also an important part of the system. Order management queries can quickly query ticket status, solve problems and reduce disputes; data statistical reports automatically display important sales data in the report, and trigger business development through the display of data. Thinking, to plan marketing activities and solutions.
① Through the order list, you can inquire about items, venues and reservation time periods, etc., inquire about the status of tickets and the number of people who have entered the venue and the number of people who have appeared at the venue; inquire about the records of overtime charges; check the check-in records to check the check-in time and the number of times of entry and exit.
② Statistics of sales data can be queried and downloaded by date, sport and booking method (on-site and online), and the venue utilization rate can be queried by date and time period.

7. The 6 most popular gym turnstiles  

                  Flap barrier MS02Y                                 Swing Turnstile MS07B                                      Swing Turnstile MS02B

             Speed Gate MS06S                                            Speed Gate MS01S                                         Speed Gate MS02S 

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