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What is half height turnstile?

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1. What is half height turnstile?
Half height turnstile, also known as waist height turnstile, which is relative to full height turnstile. Combined with an access control system, it is used to allow or restrict people to enter a specific area. Half height turnstile, as the name suggests, is only half the height of the full-height turnstile. The height of the full-height turnstile is from floor to ceiling, providing full-enclosed traffic management, so it is mostly used in unguarded places that require absolute security, such as factories, construction sites, and prisons. , military management areas, etc. strictly controlled areas.
The height of a half height turnstile only reaches the human waist, providing semi-open traffic management. Tripod turnstile, flap barrier, swing barrier and speed gate, all these turnstile gates that we can find everywhere all belong to half height turnstile, different from full height turnstile, half height turnstile can not only control the entry and exit of people and prevent unauthorized people from entering the control area, and its elegant and stylish design can also provide high user-friendliness to help improve the image of the management place, so it is more suitable for commercial buildings, offices, hotels, fitness club and more.  

2. What are the types of half-height turnstiles? 
Half height turnstile includes:tripod turnstile, flap barrier, swing turnstile and speed gate

  Tripod Turnstile  MS5G     Swing Turnstile MS02B    Swing Turnstile MS05Y   Speed Gate MS01S         Speed Gate MS06S

●Tripod Turnstile
Tripod turnstile is a simple-type turnstile gate that restricts people from entering a specific area or building with three poles. Mainly designed with three poles in the chassis,tripod turnstile provides a small space(passageway width is 550mm)which only allow one person pass each time, so to prevent someone from following behind without authorization.

●swing barrier  (Swing turnstile)
Swing barrier consists of the stainless steel cabinet and two movable swing panels. The swing panels can swing 180° or 90° to allow or deny people to enter the control area. Common swing panel materials include stainless steel, plexiglass and tempered glass. Swing turnstile provides wider passage space (from 600 to 1200mm) for pedestrians, bicycles, handicapped, shopping carts, strollers and even material transportation.
Due to its elegant design, swing turnstile is commonly found in office buildings, financial institutions, concert halls, libraries, museums, government offices, etc.
●Flap Barrier (Flap barrier turnstile)
Flap barrier turnstiles are basically composed of stainless steel cabinets and retractable panels. The fast retractable acrylic barrier provides high throughput, so it is commonly installed in airports, subway stations, stations, docks, ferry stations and other places with huge traffic. There are two options for channel width 600mm and 900mm, the latter can be used for handicapped persons and people with luggage.
●speed gate
Speed gate is an upgraded product of swing turnstile, with a similar structural design, but provides higher and faster traffic, and the opening speed is as fast as 0.2 seconds. Compared with the swing turnstile, the speed gate has a slimmer design and smaller footprint while retaining the same wide passage space.

In addition, the glass barrier of the speed gate can be as high as 1.8 meters, means it is not possible for user to climbing over. Therefore, it is especially suitable for unmanned but needs high security places, such as hospitals, governments, banks, and places that refuse ticket evaders, such as fitness clubs, movie theaters, subways, stations, etc.

3. How does half height turnstile work? 
Whether you are taking the subway to and from get off work, entering a business building for business, taking a flight at the airport, or going to the gym with your friends to exercise on weekends, you can always find half height turnstile. Have you ever wondered: how does half height turnstile work?
1. Turn on the power, after 3 seconds, the system will enter the working mode.
2. After the pedestrian swipes the card (face, password, fingerprint, etc.), the system transmits the door opening signal to the main board.
3. The main board receives information from the card reader and infrared detector and performs signal processing, and then sends a control signal to the direction indicator and the motor drive board, and the control indicator changes from red to green. In normally closed mode, the control board area drives the motor to run and turns on the barrier panels (for tripod turnstile, the controller unlocks its electromagnet, allowing the tripod arm to rotate 120 degrees), allowing pedestrians to pass.
4. After the pedestrians pass according to the direction signs, the infrared detector detects the whole process of the pedestrians passing through the passage, and sends out continuous signals to the main board until the pedestrians completely pass the passage gate.
5. After the pedestrian completely passes through the gate, the main board transmits a signal to the counter, and the counter will automatically increase by 1 after the passing process is completed.
6. When passing through the passage, if pedestrians forget to swipe their cards, or swipe an invalid card, the system will prohibit pedestrians from passing (in the normally open mode, the swing panels will be closed; in the normally closed mode, the swing panels will not move). At the same time, an audible and visual alarm will be triggered. The alarm signal will not be canceled until the pedestrian leaves the passage, and the pass will only be possible after a valid card swipe is detected again.

1.Half height turnstile design is beautiful, generous, durable, can be used indoors and outdoors;
2. Half height turnstile master control adopts full data management, all functional parameters are digitally set, and the setting operation is easier;
3. The motor drive runs according to the motion curve, and the operation is stable, reliable and smooth;
4. The equipment is fully functional, with illegal intrusion alarm, tailgating alarm, reverse processing, anti-clamping, and free passage settings;
5.Half height turnstile supports single or multi-person access, motor stall protection, exit channel delay, peak traffic mode, emergency traffic mode, etc.
6. Half height turnstile can be integrated with all kind
4. Features of half height turnstile


of access control system, such as RFID, face recognition camera , fingerprint reader and other biometric readers.
7.Customer-defined indicator light output, side lights and top lights can set the status of the display lights according to the needs of the equipment;
8. The Half height turnstile control panel can set the voice broadcast, the greeting language direction of the entrance and exit can be set in the menu, and the face recognition device can be connected externally;

5. Disadvantages and advantages  of half height turnstile
As the name suggests, the half height turnstile is only half of the full height turnstile, so one of its obvious disadvantages is that unauthorized users may climb over it (but this problem is also solved now, which will be mentioned in detail below).
Due to the design and use of special materials, some models are not as good as full-height gates in terms of water and dust resistance, and are only suitable for indoor use.If used for outdoors, rain shelter is necessary.
There are many advantages of half height turnstile, including the following:
As the name suggests, the half height turnstile is only half of the full height turnstile, so one of its obvious disadvantages is that unauthorized users may climb over it (but this problem is also solved now, which will be mentioned in detail below). There are many advantages of half height turnstile, including the following:
● The passage width is large, generally between 550mm-1000mm, and the speed gates can reach 1500mm, which is suitable for pedestrians carrying luggage, or bicycles, or handicapped
● Half height turnstile can add pedestrian detection sensors, which can effectively detect passing targets and effectively prevent tailgating.
● Half height turnstiles are rich in variety and highly artistic. The shape of the box and the materials that can be used are also diversified. There are a variety of high-end and elegant designs to choose from. Therefore, it is often used in high-end occasions such as office buildings, smart buildings, and clubs.
● The Half height turnstile adopts the latest 3rd generation coupling technology independently developed, with no mechanical wear, zero noise, stable and durable performance, with a digital encoder, automatic correction of the swing door angle, strong AB swing door synchronization, and the swing door is impacted by external forces It can automatically buffer the deviation angle at the rear to protect the swing door from damage.
● Provide a good user experience, high user-friendliness, very good continuous credit card memory function, personnel can pass through continuously Highly intelligent, easy to use and easy to use Voice prompt function to help pedestrians pass efficiently
● The opening speed is fast, the half height turnstile only needs 0.2 seconds to open the door, the opening angle can be adjusted, and the opening speed can also be adjusted, so it is especially suitable for some places with high traffic, such as gyms, cinemas, office buildings, etc.
● With mechanical and photoelectric double protection and anti-pinch, glass panels will automatically open when encountering resistance to prevent pedestrians from being hurt
● LED direction traffic indication, prompting the channel status, and guiding pedestrians to pass quickly. Automatically lock and close the door when power on, automatically open or unlock when power off
● The height of the glass barrier of Speed ​​gate can reach 1.8 meters, which effectively prevents users from climbing without authorization. It is suitable for some occasions that need to be unattended, such as banks, governments, museums, exhibition halls, etc.

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