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Advantages and disadvantages of tripod turnstiles

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Update time : 2022-05-17 15:27:22
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Tripod turnstiles are also called three arms turnstiles, rotary turnstiles. The blocking body (arms) is composed of three metal rods to form a space triangle. Generally, a hollow and airtight stainless steel pipe is used, which is not easy to be deformed, and can be blocked and released after rotation. Tripod turnstiles is an early type of turnstile, and it has developed into a mature and perfect type, but it has a tendency to be gradually replaced by subsequent swing turnstiles and wing turnstiles. From the movement control method, it is divided into mechanical type, semi-automatic type and fully automatic type. In terms of shape, it is divided into vertical type and bridge type. Vertical tripod turnstiles are smaller in size and relatively simple devices; bridge tripod turnstiles have longer channels and higher security.

【Advantages of tripod turnstiles】
1. It can be very useful to complete a single single pass, that is, only one person can pass at a time. The safety and reliability are relatively high, and trailing is avoided.
2. Low cost, suitable for some projects with limited budget.
3. Strong waterproof and dustproof performance, strong adaptability to the environment, suitable for outdoor and indoor.

【Tripod turnstiles defect】
1. The width of the passage (referring to the width that can allow pedestrians to pass) is relatively small, generally around 500mm.
2. The traffic speed is relatively slow.
3. Restricted by the shape of the blocking body, it is not suitable for people with luggage to pass through.
4. During the operation of the brake lever of mechanical and semi-automatic tripod turnstiles, there will be mechanical collisions, and the noise will be louder. The full-automatic tripod turnstiles run very smoothly and quietly.

【Application of tripod turnstiles】
It is suitable for general pedestrians and occasions where the flow of people is not very large, and it is necessary to completely eliminate trailing, as well as some outdoor occasions where the environment is relatively harsh.