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What is a turnstile?

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1. What is a turnstile?

Turnstile also call turnstile barrier and turnstile gates, it is designed to allow authorized persons to enter the designated area while rejecting unauthorized persons. Turnstile can be combined with various access control management systems, such as biometric identification, RFID card system, fingerprint reader, QR code scanning system, etc., further Improving traffic efficiency and safety.
turnstile barrier gate
No only for opening and closing gates, turnstile gates can be used in combination with follow turnstile systems:
  ● Access control system
  ● Time recorder
  ● Ticketing system
  ● ESD testing system
  ● visitor management systems, etc

2. What are the classifications of turnstile barrier gates? And their pros and cons

We oftern find flap barriers in subways, swing barriers and speed gates in company halls, and tripod turnstiles in scenic spots. How many styles of Turnstile barrier gates are there, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?


Tripod turnstiles are composed of three metal rods to form a space triangle. Generally, a hollow and closed stainless steel tube is used, which is firm and not easy to deform. It can be blocked and released by rotation.

From the mechanism control mode, it is divided into mechanical type, semi-automatic type, and fully automatic type. In terms of form, it is divided into vertical type and bridge type. Vertical tripod turnstiles are smaller in size and easier to install; bridge-type tripod turnstiles have longer passages and higher security.

Tripod turnstiles are the earliest type of turnstile gates, and also offering the lowest cost. Due to its relatively low security level, tripod turnstiles have been replaced by flap barriers and swing barrier gates in some specific occasions.

turnstile barrier gate

what are the advantages and disadvantages of tripod turnstiles?

【Advantages of tripod turnstiles】

1. No tailgating— the narrow passage space ensures that only one person can pass at a time
2. Low cost—Among all the turnstile barrier gates, the price of tripod turnstile is the most cost-effective.
3. Strong environmental adaptability—IP 66 waterproof and dustproof level, suitable for harsh environments.
4. Durable—tripod turnstiles can withstand heavy use without breaking down easily.  
5. Lower maintenance costs—Simple mechanical and electronic construction requires low maintenance.
6. Compact design

【Disadvantages of tripod turnstiles】

1. The channel width is generally 550mm—not suitable for people with luggage to pass.
2. Low traffic speed—cannot handle high traffic flow
3. The running noise is a bit loud - you can choose fully automatic tripod turnstiles to avoid this problem
4. Low security level—tripod turnstiles can be easily bypassed by an unauthorized user.

【Application of tripod turnstiles gate】

It is suitable for places where the flow of people is not very high, and some other places that strictly require only one person to pass at a time to prevent tailgating, such as scenic spots, playgrounds, paid bathrooms and paid toilets, etc. that require paid entry.
 tripod turnstile  tripod turnstile  tripod turnstile    
                         MS02G1                                              MS01G1                                                    MS04G1                         
tripod turnstile  tripod turnstile  tripod turnstile
                    MS03G                                                MS01G2                                                    MS04G1 


Swing barrier gates, also call swing turnstile gate, swing barrier, and speed gates, the shape of the blocking body is a plane with a certain area, perpendicular to the ground, to achieve blocking and release by rotating and swinging. The materials of the blocking body are commonly used stainless steel, plexiglass, and tempered glass, and some of them also use metal plates to cover special flexible materials (to reduce the injury of impacting pedestrians). From the mechanism control mode, it is divided into the mechanical type and fully automatic type. In terms of shape, it is divided into the vertical, bridge, and cylindrical. Vertical and cylindrical are small in size and easy to install, but the length of the channel is short, and the function of the pedestrian detection module is limited; the bridge-type swing gate has a long channel and pedestrian detection. The module has stronger functions and higher security.
swing barrier gate

【Advantages of swing barrier gates】

1. The channel width of swing barriers is the largest among all turnstile barrier gates, generally between 550mm-1000mm, and some high-end products can reach 1500mm, which is more suitable for pedestrians or bicycles carrying luggage and packages, as well as handicapped people.
2. Compared with the tripod turnstile the swing barrier gate has multi-pairs of detection sensors, which can effectively detect the pedestrian's passing action (whether to start passing, whether to complete the passing, whether there is a return answer, whether to stay in the passage for a long time, etc.), and whether there is a trail.
3. The available materials for swing barrier gates are very rich, including but not limited to tempered glass, plexiglass, stainless steel, painted alloy, marble, etc. The rich raw materials bring a variety of beautiful designs, so swing gates are often used in offices, hotels, museums, and other high-end occasions
4. The design of the large gear movement and the precise positioning switch makes the operation of the gate very smooth and quiet

【Disadvantages of swing barrier gates】

1. Compared with tripod turnstiles, the price of swing barrier gates will be slightly higher, especially for some specially customized models, which need to use special materials and processing techniques, etc., the technical difficulty will increase accordingly, and the cost will rise.
2. Some models have insufficient waterproof and dustproof capabilities and are only suitable for indoor use, and their environmental adaptability is not as strong as that of tripod turnstiles.
3. Limited by the materials used, the environmental adaptability of tripod turnstiles

【Application of swing barrier gates

It is suitable for occasions that require a large passage width, including occasions where there are many pedestrians or bicycles carrying luggage and packages, and special passages for people with disabilities. It is also suitable for occasions that require high aesthetics.


Flap barriers, also known as flap turnstiles, speed gates, or speed lanes in many places. The user's passage can be allowed or denied by extending and retracting the barrier. The materials of the baffle are usually plexiglass and tempered glass, and some are also covered with special flexible materials with metal plates (to reduce the injury of hitting pedestrians). Common flap barriers are divided into brushed and brushless. They use different motors. Brushless motors have a longer service life and quieter operation.
flap barrier

【Advantages of flap barriers】

1. The traffic speed is the fastest among all turnstiles.
2. The channel width is between the tripod turnstiles and the swing gate, generally between 550mm-600mm.
3. The appearance is more beautiful, and the materials of the gate wings are richer.
4. In an emergency, the brake wings will quickly retract into the box, which can easily form a barrier-free passage, improve the passing speed, and facilitate the evacuation of pedestrians.

【Disadvantages of flap barriers】

1. The control method is more complicated and the cost is higher.
2. Some models have insufficient waterproof and dustproof capabilities and can only be used indoors.
3. Restricted by the shape of the blocking body, the anti-collision ability of the wing gate is lower than that of the tripod turnstile, and pedestrians forcibly breaking into the turnstile gate may damage the gate and the movement.
4. The technical requirements for manufacturers are relatively high. Unreasonably low prices mean substandard product quality.

【Application of flap barriers】

It is suitable for indoor occasions with a large flow of people, such as subway and railway station ticket offices. It is also suitable for occasions that require high aesthetics, for example, hotels, commercial lobbies, companies, schools .

3. Top 9 Benefits of Turnstile Barrier Gate for Your Business

With the development of society and technology, smart access gates have also been updated. From the initial manual operation to electric, automatic, and now smart gates, all of them reflect people's attention to security and safety. Moreover, some enterprises and institutions have installed intelligent access control gates, which not only improves the safety of people entering and exiting but also reduce the management cost of enterprises. Compared with traditional gates, what are the advantages of intelligent turnstile barrier gates?
turnstile barrier gate
Turnstile barrier gate is a high-tech, multi-functional control management system, which combines five modules of access control, attendance, visitors, ticketing, and monitoring with 9 benefits.

1. Access control management

A variety of control methods can be linked, such as card swiping, QR code, face recognition, fingerprint, etc. Enterprises can choose the appropriate access control system according to their own needs and can check the identity of people entering the company, which can not only regulate their attendance but also prevent strangers from entering the company and ensure the safety of company assets.

2. Attendance management

Turnstile barrier gate integrates the attendance management system to handle attendance automatically, without manual intervention, through flexible leave management, to control overtime, manage employees' attendance, overtime, absenteeism, scheduled leave, leave, etc., Reduce labor input and labor costs.

3. Visitor management

Visitors can make an appointment through the app - hold a certificate/QR code verification - pass the verification, the turnstile barrier gate is automatically opened - the passing record is stored in the system. Compared to manual registration at the traditional reception desk, the integrated visitor system of Macrosafe turnstile barrier gate simplifies the registration process and manages visitors more efficiently.

4. Ticket management

Macrosafe turnstile barrier gates combined with ticket management systems can help restaurants, gyms, unmanned supermarkets, and other occasions to effectively manage members and non-members. For example, turnstile barrier gates are used in tourist attractions, and tourists can buy tickets online, which is convenient and fast, improves the efficiency of tourists' ticket checking and entering the park, and effectively prevents the potential safety hazards caused by tourists crowding at the entrance of the scenic spot and waits for ticket checking, and solves the problem of tourists being stranded.

5. Real-time monitoring

 The blacklisted person or an unauthorized person will be rejected, and the turnstile barrier gate will send out an alarm, meanwhile system will record it in real-time. In the middle of the night or when unattended, it will monitor suspicious personnel who have been wandering for a long time, and monitor video It can be read to improve the security of the enterprise.

6. Reduce operating costs

Access control management is a complex system, especially for places with a lot of traffic, the traffic data is very complex, such as scenic spots, playgrounds, schools, etc., and traditional access control solutions can no longer meet the needs. Macrosafe turnstile barrier gates are all automated control, without manual intervention, and routine maintenance is also very simple, helping enterprises to reduce operating costs

7. Integrated management

After the continuous development of science and technology and the improvement of technology, today's turnstile barrier gate control system has gone beyond simple entrance control and can be linked with elevator management, parking lot management, fire monitoring, restaurant charging system, etc., to achieve regional integrated intelligent management.

8. Improve corporate image

There are various styles of Turnstile barrier gates, which are convenient for disabled people to use wheelchairs and users who carry strollers, which greatly improves the corporate image and user experience.

9. Beautiful design and advanced texture

Macrosafe takes "technology combined with art" as the starting point to design turnstile barrier gates, which not only allows customers to obtain the functionality of the product but also allows customers to obtain the feeling of beauty.

4. 5 Tips for Choosing the Optimal Turnstile Barrier Gate

1. Usage scenarios

In different scenes of daily life, we often see different types of access gates. The installation of access gates can play an effective role in safety regulation and management in public places, and the application of access gates in different scenarios Different needs, Macrosafe can provide customized solutions for different needs.

● Schools

In order to strengthen campus security management, more campuses choose to install access gates embedded with face recognition. On the one hand, permission settings can be used to effectively prevent outsiders from entering and leaving the school at will, and on the other hand, students access information can be recorded through network operation. , which is convenient for campus management and reassures parents.
turnstile gate in schools
Recommended style:
Indoor: speed gate, swing barrier gate, flap barrier gate. Integrate biometric technology, such as face recognition, fingerprint/palmprint recognition, QR code recognition, ID card recognition, campus card recognition, etc., to facilitate students, teachers, and administrators to enter and exit, prevent strangers from entering, and ensure student safety.
Outdoor: Outdoor type speed gate, swing gate. The box is made of SUS 304 material, the internal movement is electronically controlled with multiple protections, and the IP54 waterproof level supports rain use.

● Hospitals and Clinics

Since the epidemic, the hospital entrance and exit control have also been upgraded. The original manual inspection method has been gradually replaced by automatic turnstile barrier gates. Outsiders can enter by swiping codes, cards, and faces, effectively improving the management efficiency of hospital staff and patients...
turnstile barrier gate for hosptals
Recommended style:
Indoor: speed gate, swing barrier gate, flap barrier gate. Incorporating biometric technology, it can be combined with face recognition, fingerprint/palmprint recognition, QR code recognition, ID card recognition, medical insurance card recognition, health code, etc. Unauthorized intrusion or irregular passage will be accompanied by an alarm prompt.

Financial Buildings

In order to improve the overall image of the enterprise, enhance the customer access experience, protect the property safety of personnel, and realize real-time management of employees, the installation of turnstile barrier gates is essential, which can not only manage the safety of employees but also reduce the workload of security personnel.
turnstile barrier gate for financial buildings
Recommended style:
Indoors: speed gates, swing gates, flap barrier gates. These three types of turnstile barrier gates are available in many styles, and the design is beautiful and high-end, which not only ensures the safety of employees and corporate assets but also meets the high requirements of the financial industry for aesthetics and enhances the company's image.

Traffic stations

Public transportation places have always been crowded with people, especially during peak periods such as commuting and holidays. The installation of turnstile barrier gates and security inspection equipment can improve the efficiency of passenger traffic and check whether passengers carry packages with prohibited items, thereby ensuring passengers’ safety. their safety.
speed gates for traffic stations
Recommended style:
Indoor: Speed ​​gates and flap barrier gates have very fast opening and closing speeds, so they meet the needs of fast passage in public transportation places. Turnstile barrier gates are embedded with infrared sensors, which can detect illegal behaviors such as retrograde, illegal intrusion, tracking, etc., and issue an alarm in time.
Outdoor: Due to its one-person-one-pole structure, tripod turnstile gate has good anti-tailing performance, and its simple structure has few failures, so it is still the first choice for many public transportation hubs.

 Commercial Buildings

Tons of people enter and leave the commercial buildings every day, and the visitors are complicated. The installation of turnstile barrier gates and access control at the entrance and exit is very crucial to ensure orderly passage. Outsiders, temporary visitors, and other strangers enter the office area, and the administrator can open permissions to control all the entrances and exits. Garden staff information for easy management.
turnstile gates for commercial buildings
Recommended style:
Combination of flap barrier gate and swing barrier gate, or combination of wing gate and speed gate. During rush hour, there are a lot of people entering and leaving the building. Therefore, it is recommended to install flap barrier gates, which can provide high traffic volume. Secondly, combined with swing gates or express gates, wider passages can be used for disabled people or people with luggage to ensure barrier-free passage.

Part.6 Construction sites, factories

Install turnstile barrier gates in construction sites and factories with intelligent attendance terminal equipment, which can record the time and number of personnel entering and leaving, provide a basis for the attendance of construction site personnel, protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers, and prevent irrelevant personnel from entering the construction site to ensure safety.
tripod turnstile for foctory
Recommended style:
Outdoor: tripod turnstile, full height turnstile. Due to the harsh environment of construction sites or factories, users mostly choose tripod turnstiles and full-height turnstiles. With robust structure design, and multiple protection of internal movement electronic control, their waterproof and dustproof grade can reach IP56, so they can be used even outdoors. at the same time, long life and 0 maintenance are guaranteed.


2. Traffic volume

 According to the ranking from high to low traffic volume per minute, speed gateflap barrier gate swing barrier gatetripod turnstilesfull height turnstiles
Some densely populated places with heavy traffic, such as subway stations, high-speed railway stations, metro stations, bus stations, airports, customs, etc. On these occasions, the flow of people is high and the management and control are difficult. It is recommended to install a speed gate or flap barrier gate with a faster traffic speed so that everyone can pass quickly and orderly. , will not cause on-site congestion. Macrosafe speed gate offers an extremely fast response speed, and the opening time is less than 0.5 seconds. It supports face recognition, fingerprint, QR code, card swiping, and other ways to enter and exit, smart and fast.

flap turnstile gate face recognition camera

3. Space for Installation

For some scenes with limited space, such as corridors, office entrances, etc., installing large-volume equipment will make the entire space cramped. In response to this problem, Macrosafe has introduced several turnstile barrier gates with a very small footprint, which are more suitable for these places where space is limited.
 elegant design tripod turnstile - macrosafegates.com     turnstile barrier gate - macrosafegates.com     cylinder fast speed gate - macrosafegates.com
         Tripod Turnstile MS02G1                   Swing Barrier Gate MS05B                        Speed Gate MS06S
 Although the design of the chassis has become smaller, the technology core remained small high quality. It is still equipped with an advanced movement structure and logic algorithm so that the gate has the advantages of high safety, high stability, long life, and fast and accurate detection. At the same time, the interior space is still ample, and many other system accessories can be integrated.

4. Width of the passageway

When you buy turnstile barrier gates, passageway is one of the key factors that you should consider, whether they should be accessible for disabled, bicycles, trolleys,etcs, as different styles offer channels of different widths. 
The channel width of the tripod turnstile gate is 550mm, and the channel width of the flap barrier gates is 600mm. The channel width of these two turnstile barrier gates is relatively small, so they are generally only used for pedestrians. If you need a wider passage, you can consider swing barrier gates or speed gates, they can provide 660-1200mm ultra-wide space, which are accessible for handicapped, strollers, shopping carts, etc., so they are suitable for children's playgrounds, supermarkets, retail store, etc.

5. Safety Coefficient

Most turnstile barrier gates are designed to be semi-open, on the one hand for aesthetics and on the other for managers to better observe. But for places that need unmanned and high security, such as factories, military control areas, warehouses, etc., beauty is the second, safety is the first consideration, then the full-height gate is their best choice, because the solid and tough stainless steel full-enclosed structure of the full-height gates provide absolute security control from the ground to the ceiling.

full height turnstile - macrosafegates.com

6. Budget

In general, the three-roller gate is the lowest price among these styles, and its simple structure can be used in harsh environments, so it is the first choice for outdoor places such as construction sites, factories, scenic spots, stations and so on. Secondly, wing gates and swing gates are also very cost-effective and have many different designs, so they are favored by commercial buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals, and retail stores. The speed gate is the most expensive of all turnstile barrier gates, but it has the most high-end design, the most advanced technology and the fastest traffic speed, so it is an ideal solution for high-end hotels, financial buildings, government and so on. Finally, the price of full-height gates is relatively high, but the safety factor is the highest, and the sturdy waterproof and dustproof design guarantees absolute safety and high privacy, so it is the best choice for many chemical plants, warehouses, construction sites, military bases, etc.

7 Reasons Why Macrosafe Turnstile Barrier Gate is the Ideal Choice

01 Variety of categories

Different scenarios have different needs and different needs. For example, scenic spots focus on restricting tailgating, communities need to be accessible to electric vehicles and disabled people, and factories require a high degree of safety, etc. Macrosafe has a variety of products including "tripod turnstiles, flap turnstiles, swing barriers, full height turnstiles, and speed gate, which meet the functions required for various scenarios.

02 Focus on core technology

Macrosafe focuses on independent research and development and has core logic algorithms. Turnstile barrier gates are equipped with servo control system and DSP+ARM motor control technology, which can be precisely positioned, run smoothly and efficiently, and the process is quiet and noise-free. Various types of movement structures and control systems independently developed can provide more than 10 million service lives.

03 Use only well-known accessories

In addition to the core parts, accessories such as power supplies, air switches, infrared sensors, etc., in order to ensure high quality and no after-sales service, Macrosafe only chooses suppliers of the industry-leading brands, although the cost will be much higher than other unknown, but it can To ensure the stable operation of turnstile gates, no downtime due to small accessories, to avoid small loss of big.

04 Triple protection ensures high quality

Macrosafed's unique "infrared anti-pinch + mechanical anti-pinch + current detection anti-collision" triple anti-pinch, combined with Macrosafe's rigorous detection algorithm and photoelectric detection technology, further provides the security of the turnstile barrier gate, which can comprehensively ensure the safety of pedestrians.

05 Unique design with artistry

Macrosafey takes "technology combined with art" as its principle, which enables turnstile barrier gates to provide users with efficient traffic management and artistic sensory enjoyment, making turnstile gates no longer just a cold device, but also a part of artistic creation for a building.

06 Modular design, easy installation and maintenance

Some new users install turnstile gates for the first time and worry about the complexity of installation and maintenance. In fact, 99% of the installation work is completed before delivery, the customer does not need any professional knowledge, the complete wiring diagram and user manual, and 24-hour online technical support can ensure that the user can complete the installation and installation of the gate simply and quickly. debugging. Secondly, Macrosafe's modular design facilitates user maintenance, reducing workload and operating costs.

07 Customized Solutions

Macrosafe is committed to providing customers with customized turnstile gate products and solutions. Whether it is a large project or a small order, any needs will get corresponding solutions, rather than static products.

Macrosafe takes customer satisfaction as the primary criterion for measuring our work and provides products with high safety, artistry, and long life. Macrosafe has been deeply involved in the turnstile gates industry for more than 12 years., starting from meeting the needs of individual projects, with rich industry experience and satisfactory after-sales service, we are proud to announce that Macrosafe has won high reputation from home and abroad.
 If you want to get a customized solution, please contact us. (or Email us: info@macrosafegates.com)


6. 4 Simple Maintenance Tricks for Turnstiles Barrier Gates

Turnstile barrier gates are widely used in various places, and the environments they face are also different. For example, in most scenic spots, the turnstile gates will be exposed to the sun and rain for a long time, and thoes in seaside scenic spots are easily corroded by sea sand or seawater. There are also outdoor areas, construction sites, etc. Correct maintenance can not only improve the service life but also ensure the safety of users.
tripod turnstile for construction site security controlfull height turnstile for construction site access control
1. Mechanism- Heart
Mechanism is the heart of the turnstile barrier gate. Regular maintenance is required to ensure stable performance and long-term durability. It is recommended to maintain it once a month. The specific operations are as follows: Disconnect the switching power supply, open the top cover, clean the surface dust, and clean a part of the transmission system first and then add Lubricating oil, flap barrier gate, swing barrier, speed gates, tripod turnstiles drive gears and wheel grooves should be moderately lubricated.

2. Controller - Brain
As the brain of a turnstile barrier gate, it controls the operation of the entire device, and if something goes wrong, the entire device is paralyzed. Therefore, we need to regularly check whether the various terminals, wires, etc. on the controller are loose, and re-fix them.

3. Internal wire connection - blood vessels
Tight internal wire connections ensure that turnstile gates' commands are implemented in place. If any wires are loose or damaged, replace them in time.

4. Cabinet - skin
Turnstile barrier gates are made of stainless steel, but it does not mean that they will never rust. Especially in places with high acidity or high humidity, it is necessary to regularly clean and maintain the exterior of the cabinet. It is recommended to use a damp cloth to clean the exterior. Dust cleaning, and then coated with anti-rust oil, can make the equipment more bright and wear-resistant, and also prevent rust.
Secondly, after a long time of use, especially outdoor use, there may be some rust spots. We can use sandpaper and light calcium powder to wipe along the folded texture to prevent further rust spots.