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QR code access management turnstile gates

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Update time : 2022-02-21 19:37:36
With the development of science and technology, in order to manage more efficiently, many scenic spots are now also carrying out QR code scanning module embedding transformation in access control gates, realizing QR code ticket checking instead of manual ticket checking, and on this basis, ticketing has been expanded. The distribution platform will comprehensively improve the service level and information construction of the scenic spot.

No manual labor is required, and the time for checking tickets is greatly reduced
Instead of manual ticket inspection, traditional scenic spot ticket inspections use manual ticket inspection. In the case of a large number of tourists, it is easy to cause tourists to wait in line during ticket inspection and waste time, which is very inconvenient to manage. A QR code/barcode scanning module is installed on the gate control panel, and the QR code/barcode ticket verification method is more efficient and accurate, which greatly improves the work efficiency of the scenic spot and improves the experience of tourists.

QR code access control gate
Online booking, mobile phone scanning code is more convenient to enter the park
Customers can purchase tickets for the scenic spot on the computer or mobile phone in advance. After payment, a QR code will be automatically generated. There is no need to queue up at the ticket window of the scenic spot to buy or exchange tickets, but directly use the mobile phone to scan the code to enter the park.

You can also easily refund the ticket, no need to go through the formalities on site
In the case of temporary refunds by tourists, tourists can submit a refund instruction in the ticketing system, and the system will automatically determine whether the ticket has been verified to enter the park. Refund, and send a refund signal to the turnstile, the refund will not be able to enter the scenic spot through the turnstile inspection.