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Malaysia temperature measurement and face recognition all-in-one machine

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Update time : 2022-02-21 19:20:36
This year is the year of the outbreak of the normalized health code identification application for epidemic prevention. Almost all epidemic-related areas and key areas of epidemic control are required to verify identity, temperature detection, and health code nucleic acid data verification, etc., in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic. We will fully control the spread and rebound, and eliminate potential risks in a timely manner.

In fact, in the early days, the face recognition device for the temperature measurement version of the health code has been used to a certain extent in the early stage of the fight against the epidemic. , ID card identification and comparison and visitor management.

The Johor Bahru temperature measurement and face recognition all-in-one machine in Malaysia integrates multiple core functions such as non-contact temperature measurement, face recognition, witness comparison, ID card verification, mask recognition, abnormal warning, access control and so on, and analyzes the status of the health code. If the health code is abnormal (yellow code/red code), an abnormal health code alarm will be automatically issued, and temperature records, data statistical analysis and report reporting will be automatically generated, and big data of temperature measurement and health code will be formed at the first time, so as to better assist relevant units. Do a good job of prevention and control and improve work efficiency.

Malaysia temperature measurement and face recognition all-in-one machine

The advantages of the all-in-one temperature measurement and face recognition machine in Malaysia:
1. The temperature measurement and face recognition all-in-one machine adopts high-performance, high-stability embedded Linux system and built-in high-performance AI processor;
2. Non-contact temperature measurement, the temperature measurement distance is 0.5M, and the temperature measurement accuracy can reach ±0.3℃;
3. Successfully connect to multiple local codes, support scanning the health code or ID card to automatically read the health code status;
4. Integrate mask algorithm to support mask-wearing detection and identification;
5. Support early warning of abnormal situations such as body temperature and health code, and effectively screen abnormal personnel;
6. The whitelist function is standard, to avoid repeated code scanning operations every time the staff enters and exits, and the health code information can be obtained by swiping the face.
7. Equipped with a binocular camera, which can effectively resist cheating attacks such as photos and videos, and ensure the accuracy of data;
8. Support external access control, various release conditions, realize face recognition, normal body temperature, and normal health code verification to trigger safe passage of access control;
9. Automatic record keeping and registration of passing values, which can quickly lock the identity of abnormal targets;
10. Support wall-mounted, desktop, gate, floor bracket and other installation methods to meet various installation requirements;

Application occasions of temperature measurement and face recognition integrated machine in Malaysia:
Applicable to subway stations, customs ports, airports, railway stations, hospitals, schools, communities, supermarkets, checkpoints and other places for bright code temperature measurement and epidemic prevention work, personnel only need to put the health pass QR code close to the "scan code port" , or place the ID card at the swipe card, and stand at the designated position to measure the face temperature, and the health code verification and temperature detection can be completed in just a few seconds.