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Efficient epidemic prevention with health code face temperature measuring turnstiles

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Update time : 2022-02-21 18:43:30
The epidemic situation repeats from time to time, sometimes it spreads in multiple places, and the global epidemic still spreads and spreads. With the maturity of the face recognition system, the application range of face recognition swing barriers is getting wider and wider, and it has been applied to smart campuses, communities, hospitals, shopping malls, government agencies, immigration, supermarkets, office buildings, parks, construction sites management and other fields.

Application scheme of temperature measurement face access control gate
Option 1: Face recognition + body temperature detection, suitable for scenarios where people are not fixed, such as airports, high-speed railway stations, railway stations, and bus stations.
Option 2: Face recognition/card verification + body temperature test, suitable for fixed scenarios such as enterprises, schools, factories, etc.
Option 3: On the basis of the existing gate, add a body temperature detection component, which is suitable for all scenarios.

With the development of society, people have realized the drawbacks of traditional entrance and exit management methods, and began to adapt to the normal state and gradually transform, using updated temperature measurement and face recognition swing barriers for entrance and exit management.

Temperature measurement face access control barrier for Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

The security in the area is generally composed of three major systems: the entrance and exit control system, the video surveillance system, and the surrounding alarm system. The entrance and exit control system is the basis for ensuring safety. With temperature measurement, the face recognition door system can identify dangerous people from the entrance, block the danger outside the door, and ensure the safety of the application scenario. The following are the advantages of temperature measurement face recognition swing barriers:

1. Instead of temperature measurers, non-contact temperature measurement Unattended temperature measurement to avoid cross-infection, protect yourself and front-line temperature measurers, and replace temperature measurers with human body temperature measurement doors to reduce the chance of people in close contact with the measured person , to avoid cross-infection between the temperature measurer and the subject

2. Rapid temperature measurement screening, high temperature alarm and effective blocking; using thermal imaging temperature screening, the human body surface temperature is detected by a thermal imager (non-contact), and the target with abnormal body temperature is quickly screened and alarmed, with high screening accuracy and high efficiency. For those with abnormal body temperature, the gate will prevent them from entering;

3. Automatic collection of temperature measurement information is safer and more hygienic than handwritten records, and is conducive to statistical analysis, tracking and control of body temperature data. Real-time upload of temperature measurement data, data management, and real-time reporting and management of collected temperature information.

4. Real-name recording and tracking, quick docking and deployment, can quickly lock the identity of those with abnormal body temperature. Do a good job of early warning, deal with it during the event, and track it after the event, which can prevent and control it in the future. After the outbreak, it can still be used to screen the body temperature of passers-by in case of emergency.