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Smart temperature measurement health code turnstiles

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Update time : 2021-05-18 18:31:00
In order to do a good job of normalizing epidemic prevention and control, further simplify the testing process, and improve operational efficiency, transportation departments such as airports and high-speed railways have actively coordinated the introduction and trial of domestic outbound self-service temperature measurement health code turnstiles and domestic inbound health code self-check turnstiles. Efficient and intelligent inspection. Passengers can use valid ID documents or "health codes" to achieve fast access, especially during peak periods of passenger departure and arrival, which can greatly relieve the pressure of manual verification and guarantee, and effectively improve the overall speed and service quality of the airport.

India tripod turnstiles + temperature measurement
After entering the stage of normalized epidemic prevention and control, sporadic domestic epidemics may become the norm. At the same time, due to the severe overseas epidemic situation, the domestic epidemic management situation has been repeated. Each round of epidemic counterattack and epidemic prevention manpower investment is increasing. Therefore, epidemic monitoring Early warning and informatization new infrastructure construction is particularly important. The intelligent temperature measurement health code gate has the functions of infrared temperature measurement, identity reading, health code inspection, background data traceability, etc. manage. Outbound passengers only need to show the health code and "scan" or present their ID card + face scan (no need to take off the mask) to pass through the turnstiles safely.

Malaysia pedestrian turnstiles+mask detection
It is reported that after passengers enter and exit the station, if everything is normal, the turnstiles will be automatically released, and the entire inspection process only takes about 3 seconds; when there is a red code, yellow code or abnormal body temperature, the system will automatically alarm and intercept. The intelligent temperature measurement and health code gate system effectively makes up for the shortcomings of manual inspection, greatly improves the verification efficiency and traffic efficiency of passengers when they exit the station, reduces the risk of passengers gathering in the exit channel, and avoids trailing out of the station and taking screenshots of the health code. Vulnerabilities such as concealment of information in traffic and declarations, and incorrect filling of information can ensure the order of exit and strengthen epidemic prevention and safety.

Indonesia flap barrier + health code verify
The intelligent temperature measurement health code turnstiles system realizes the three-in-one verification of "person, certificate, and code", which ensures the reliability and convenience of health code verification. It also has functions such as AI image recognition, voice notification, and people flow statistics. The ID card recognition technology to identify the health code provides real convenience for arriving passengers who are unable to present the health code, such as using old-fashioned mobile phones, dead mobile phones, and no WeChat. Macrosafe technology, dedicated to the first-line products of epidemic prevention, and professionally providing intelligent epidemic prevention solutions. Facilitate the efficient passage of rail transit