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What is the function of ticketing tripod turnstiles in the scenic spot and how does it work?

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Update time : 2022-01-19 18:21:26
The ticketing tripod turnstile is a common one in the channel gate series. It is suitable for places where the entrance and exit of the scenic spot(such as theme park) need to be checked or the flow of people is controlled. Especially in the scenic passage management, it is often used in combination with the scenic spot ticketing system, and has become a lot of scenic passage management. preferred in . So, what are the applications of intelligent india ticketing tripod turnstile in scenic spots?

-->Intelligent ticket checking to improve the efficiency of entering the park
Tourists can quickly enter the park by means of ticket verification methods such as QR code, ID card or face. Instead of the tedious and error-prone manual ticket checking, the ticket checking system automatically checks and releases, which improves the speed of entering the park, reduces congestion, and eliminates fake tickets.

-->Identify multiple types of tickets
Scenic spots will launch ticket types with different prices according to marketing strategies or types of tourists. Manual ticket checking and review are difficult, resulting in low ticket checking efficiency and error-prone. For example, as described in the previous article, the group one ticket for multiple people and one ticket for multiple attractions gates are shared (swipe at the entrance of the scenic spot, and can also be brushed at the small and medium-sized scenic spots in the park), discount tickets for the elderly, etc., the smart gates can automatically identify the type of tickets, Quickly review and release, and generate records and upload them to the ticketing system.

-->Real-time data statistics and report analysis
The ticketing system automatically counts the number of ticket inspectors, ticket purchasing channels, peak tourist arrivals, comparison of passenger flow and tourist attributes, etc., and forms graphical reports to provide data support for the decision-making operation of the scenic spot. The number of tourists in the park is automatically counted through the gate ticket checking system, and the real-time display is displayed to the tourists through the large screen, which provides a guarantee for the safety of the scenic spot and tourists in Chennai India.

1. The intelligent scenic spot ticketing tripod turnstile has the functions of automatic fault detection and alarm prompting, which is convenient for users to maintain in time without affecting normal use;
2. In the case of power failure, the tripod turnstile for ticketing in the smart scenic spot in 
Maharashtra Mumbai Inida will automatically drop the pole for pedestrians to pass normally, and automatically return to the state of swiping card or face pass after power-on;
3. The whole system of the tripod turnstile for ticketing in the intelligent scenic spot runs smoothly and has low noise.
4. It has the function of clear traffic direction indication, with intuitive LED passersby indicating whether it is possible to pass or not to pass;
5. The pass mode of the tripod turnstile for ticketing in the smart scenic spot in 
Bangalore can be set through the main board menu, and the card can be swiped in both directions.
6. The
Bangalore tripod turnstile for ticketing in the intelligent scenic spot has the function of anti-collision and anti-collision. When no signal to open the gate is received, the swing arm is automatically locked;