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Common faults and troubleshooting methods of tripod turnstiles

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Update time : 2022-01-14 12:18:42
Tripod turnstiles will inevitably have some faults in the daily use process, such as the direction indicator does not appear normally after power-on, the card cannot be read normally when swiping the card, etc. As a mechanical product, faults are inevitable, so when encountering problems with tripod turnstiles We should maintain a calm attitude and use professional skills to solve problems quickly.

Common main problems of tripod turnstiles:
1. After the Tripod turnstiles are powered on, the signal indicators and counters cannot be displayed normally, and the card cannot be read.
This problem may be that the fuse of the device control board is damaged, or check whether the plug-in is loose, whether the power cord is open circuit, etc.;

2. Does the Tripod turnstiles show the phenomenon of falling rods during use?
The main reasons for the problem are as follows:
A. The drop bar device that fixes the bar is loose. Solution:
1) Open the machine cover with the key;
2) Loosen the 2 hexagon socket screws that fix the drop bar device;
3) Move the drop bar device upwards slightly;
4) Use the hexagon socket head screw to fix the drop bar device.
5) After the power is turned on, check whether the fault is small. If there is still a problem, repeat the contents of 2-4 repeatedly until it works normally;
B. Tripod turnstiles lack of spring leaf elasticity. For this fault, please contact our after-sale service to confirm and replace it.

3. Tripod turnstiles cannot be usefully close to being fixed after power-on:
This fault may be caused by loose or broken wire of the drop bar equipment, check whether the wire is connected properly.

4. Tripod turnstiles swipe the card once, and can pass multiple people in succession:
1) Whether the opening signal given by the card swiping system connected to Tripod turnstiles is normal and whether there is any signal disturbance
2) The reset tension spring of the positioning arm fails or the tension is insufficient, so that the positioning arm cannot be reset and locked reliably.

5, Tripod turnstiles swipe card does not respond
Check whether the wiring of the card swiping device of Tripod turnstiles is loose or whether the device is damaged

6. Tripod turnstiles open the door in the opposite direction after reading the card.
Check whether the opening signal line is reversed

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