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Full height turnstile-Construction site, China
Application:Construction site, China
Turnstile Gate:Full height turnstile
Access Control System:Face Recognition 

In order to manage the construction site system more safely and intelligently, a construction contractor purchased Macrosafe secruity turnstile gate MS02Q2 with construction site access control system for his building sites.

Why construction site control is important for the building area?
Under the traditional management method, there are problems such as slow collection of real-name information of construction workers, complicated statistics, chaotic management, and difficult time and attendance supervision, which further lead to the occurrence of low project progress, material consumption, labor costs, and potential safety hazards. At the same time, there is a lot of redundancy in past data, which makes it difficult to effectively accumulate and provide positive feedback for scientific management.
By Installing construction turnstile at the entrance and exit of the construction site, and the employee’s entry and exit information will be displayed on the LED or LCD screen, which is convenient for the administrator to collect and manage the identity information of all entry and exit personnel, and can accurately count the production site in real time. The number of operating personnel, tracking the location of the operating personnel, effectively preventing the safety management of the operating area, and improving the production quality and management level.

Benefits of construction access control
1.Effectively monitor project implementation
Project managers can monitor project labor and worker attendance in real and real time on the platform, and strictly control project dynamics.
2.Efficiently manage worker files
Realize the systematic management of worker identity information, safety education, labor contracts, salary distribution, employment evaluation and other information, establish personnel files, collect once, and be effective for life.
3.Real-name attendance, personnel and identification match
Match ID card information and facial recognition information to on-site attendance, effectively solving the problem of false reporting of the number of workers in the project, fraudulent attendance, etc.
4.Open interface, support access enterprise's own system
The open data interface can integrate relevant data and functions into the existing system of the enterprise, effectively solving the problems of multi-system independence in enterprise management, data fragmentation, and difficulty in secondary development.