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Macrosafe AI temperature measurement face recognition helps epidemic prevention and control

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Update time : 2020-05-01 15:43:00
2020 is not a good year for most people because of Covid-19. The pneumonia epidemic is not only panic, but its spread and impact are beyond many people's imagination. In order to help prevent and control the pneumonia epidemic and the safety of the company's resumption of work and production, Macrosafe developed the "AI temperature measurement face recognition system and thermal imaging face recognition access control" for the first time, and it became a hot-selling product once it went on the market.

Macrosafe is an access control management solution that integrates temperature measurement face recognition and thermal imaging face recognition functions. Real-time non-sensing body temperature detection, voice broadcast, accurate identification of persons with abnormal body temperature and warnings, all identification records and body temperature values ​​are uploaded to the cloud platform, management personnel can check the source at any time, effectively assisting safe resumption of work, because of its rapid deployment and identification Accurate, safe and efficient, gained a lot of praise. Compared with manual detection, the efficiency of AI temperature measurement face recognition and thermal imaging face recognition system is greatly improved compared with manual temperature measurement, which can avoid people stranding in crowded places to some extent. Secondly, the AI ​​temperature measurement face recognition and thermal imaging face recognition system systems are non-sensing temperature detection, do not need to interrupt the passage of people, and improve the passage speed. There is also the accuracy of temperature measurement. At present, the product temperature difference is ±0.3°C. The use of deep learning algorithms to assist physical modeling has significantly improved the accuracy of temperature measurement; reduced human-to-human contact and personnel input, and reduced front-line work Personnel risk. Widely used in government agencies, markets, schools, communities and other fields.
Since 2016, Macrosafe has continuously increased its market upgrade efforts, integrated resources, expanded the market, and demonstrated the power of Chinese brands to global customers. Macrosafe delves into the changes of the times and drives the "intelligent revolution" of the channel gate system; with excellent quality, it creates the brand, technological innovation, and "intelligence" wins the future; with dedication and passion, it devotes itself to technology research and development, and empowers the "capable" enterprise development surging impetus.