Boom Barrier
Parking Boom Barrier
Parking Boom Barrier
Parking Boom Barrier
Parking Boom Barrier
Parking Boom Barrier
Parking Boom Barrier

Parking Boom Barrier

Patent: MS-ES107
ES107 barrier gate is the latest boom barrier gate with 6th DC brushless motor. Fast response and smooth operation. High-temperature baking makes it anti-corrosion, antifading, and anti-shedding.

What is boom barrier?

A boom barrier, also known as a lift gate or road blocker, is an automated physical security system used to control vehicle access. It works by using a motor-driven arm to physically block vehicles from passing through, which is activated by an automatic control system or manual operation.

Boom barriers are widely used in many applications such as parking garages, toll booths, security checkpoints, and entrance/exit points. 

ES107 Boom Barrier Features:

6th generation brushless movement, compact design, high torque;
Leading electromechanical integrated design, frame, reducer, transmission mechanism integrated structure;
● Advanced servo control technology, high precision, stable and smooth operation;
● Aluminum alloy die-casting process, reliable mechanical strength, beautiful appearance;
● Industrial-grade controller, with digital tube display and key module, easy to debug;
● With an infrared detection interface, it can be used with a radar detector,

ES107 Boom Barrier Technical Parameters:

Model No. ES107
Power supply DC 24V
Open/close Speed 2.4s~ 6s
Rated Power 150W
Driving Motor DC Brushless Motor
Working Temperature -35°C~+70°C
Arm Length 1-6 meters
Dimension 971.5*340*257(mm, L*W*H)


ES107 Boom Barrier Dimension:

ES107 Boom Barrier Project Case

Barrier Gate for Car Parking
Barrier Gate for Car Parking
As a professional access control product
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