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ESD Flap barrier gate-GPV group, Sri Lanka

GPV group, Sri LankaApplication: 
Turnstile Gate: Flap barrier
Access Control System:Face Recognition + fingerprint + palm vein

GPV has more than 60 years of experience within Electronics Manufacturing Services. Founded in 1961 as Glostrup Plade Vaerksted and later renamed to GPV, the company has seen many significant developments. From the headquarters in Vejle, Denmark, GPV has continued to grow significantly and today, the company has production sites in thirteen countries with the largest factories in Thailand and Sri Lanka. GPV acquired the Swiss EMS supplier CCS Group in January 2019. The acquisition increased the number of employees from 1,400 employees to 4,000 collectively and more than doubled the revenue: forming a truly global EMS player.

ESD turnstile gates are critical for Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies due to their role in controlling electrostatic discharge (ESD). ESD is a significant concern in electronics manufacturing as it can cause irreversible damage to sensitive electronic components, affecting their performance and reliability.

ESD turnstile gates help prevent ESD incidents by implementing strict access control measures within the manufacturing facility. These gates typically incorporate ESD-safe materials and grounding mechanisms to dissipate static electricity and minimize the risk of ESD.

By using ESD turnstile gates, EMS companies can ensure that only authorized personnel with appropriate ESD protection enter sensitive areas. This helps maintain a controlled electrostatic environment, minimizing the potential for ESD-related failures and optimizing product quality.

Macrosafe speed gate with face recognition&human body temperature detection camera can quickly detect the maximum temperature of a person's face within 30-50 cm without contact, and pedestrians do not need to stop. This gate security system docking platform automatically tracks, automatically alarms, and quickly and efficiently detects and controls the epidemic.

esd tester
ESD Tester with Face recognition/fingerprint
ESD testing: Hand+shoes ESD testing/LCD display to show employees' name, ID, ESD testing value.
Access control: Support Face recognition+fingerprint+palm vein+ ID card multiple authentication,which enhance security and working efficiency at the same time
System Software: Support 1 million ESD testing record, 200,000 face capacity, 200,000 fingerprint, 200,000 ID cards
Online record upload + report output
Flap barrier--MS01Y
Bidirectional control : Flap barriers are designed to allow passage in both directions, making them suitable for high-traffic areas where people need to enter and exit.
Physical deterrent: Physical deterrent: The physical barrier created by the flaps acts as a deterrent to unauthorized access, enhancing security and preventing tailgating or piggybacking.
Efficient throughput: Flap barriers are designed for quick and efficient passage, minimizing queues and facilitating smooth traffic flow in high-traffic areas.
Easy installation and low maintenance:flap barriers requires easy installation and low maintenance which helps entrepreneur save cost.

ESD flap barrier

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