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Flap barrier gates-Ferry station, India

Flap Barrier Gates Project in India station

This project is to install 104 pedestrian passageways for 40 ferry stations in Culcutta where there is high traffic,so the speed of ticket verification, reliability, safety, etc. are all key factors that need to be considered. In response to the bove problems, Macrosafe engineers formulated the following plans after detailed communication with the customer: 

1. Flap barrier gate equipped with an enhanced motor and movement:

The engine is the heart of the car, so in the same way, the motor and the movement are the heart of turnstiles. The movement is fixed inside the turnstiles, which is often overlooked. In fact, this is an important indicator that determines the performance of the turnstiles. With the brushless motor and movement scheme, the gate opening time can reach 0.2S at the fastest, which improves the efficiency of passing speed, effectively prevents the safety hazards caused by tourists crowded at the entrance waiting for being verified, and solves the problem of tourist staying. The opening and closing cycle is 8 million times to ensure that the equipment can operate at high load for a long time and reduce after-sales costs.
Enhanced brushless turnstile mechanism vs normal type
(Macrosafe enhanced brushless mechanism vs normal type)

2. Self-developed one-to-one controller

turnstile controller

The traditional one-to-two controllers have complicated wiring, and it often happens that workers are unfamiliar with the wiring and cause errors and burn out the motherboard. Furthermore, the traditional control board has only one LCD screen, which is troublesome to debug. Therefore, we recommend that customers use a brushless one to one controller with more powerful functions and simpler wiring and debugging. This controller is independently developed and produced by Macrosafe, using European imported chips, and its performance is more stable. In the actual installation, only a three-core wire is needed to connect the left and right gates, which is very simple and does not require learning costs. With its own LED display, customers can debug and set up more simply and intuitively.

3. Rugged and durable material:

Material is an important indicator to determine whether a gate is solid and durable. Macrosafe gate adopts all stainless steel design, the steel plate is 304# stainless steel wire drawing plate, 304 has high nickel content (high brightness) and is not easy to rust , The characteristics of good toughness.Therefore, it is very suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, without worrying about rust, corrosion or abrasion.
durable material

4. Waterproof and dustproof performance of turnstile gates

For open-air ticket inspection places, gates must have a waterproof function, and the control system is installed in the waterproof box inside the gates to improve the waterproof and dustproof capabilities of the equipment.

5. Reasonable interior structure design

It ensures that the LCD screen, QR code, coin swallowing machine, and credit card machine can be reasonably installed inside the flap barrier MS01Y.
Flap Barrier Gates Project in India station

6. Feedback:

Since receiving the goods, the customer can successfully complete the installation and commissioning only with the instructions, without the technical assistance of Macrosafe at all (even if Macrosfe has assigned at least one after-sales technical support to offer assistance). It has been more than 3 years since the first batch of installations, Macrosafe has never received any complain or question from customers, and the maintenance cost is less than 1%.