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Full height turnstile-Facotry, India
Application:Factroy, India
Turnstile Gate:Full height turnstile
Access Control System:RFID card

One of our old customers from India, he received a pedestrian passage gate access control project, and needed to install a full-height gate inside the factory for employees to enter and exit without manned monitoring. Due to the large number of factory employees, in order to ensure fast throughput, the pre-sales engineer recommended Macrosafe bi-direcional full height turnstile with double passageways. 

What is full height gate?And what are its applicaitons?
Full height gates are also called full height turnstiles. It provides the highest security and safety among all the turnstile gates. Its biggest feature is that the blocking body is not a glass door, but a metal fence which pedestrains can not climb over or crawl. The blocking body is generally composed of 3-4 metal rods. The control mode of the movement is divided into mechanical and semi-automatic, usually single-channel or dual-channel, and three-channel, four-channel, etc. can be customized according to customer needs.
Full height turnstiles are suitable for places where requires high security but no guard, as well as some outdoor places in harsh environments, such as stadiums, construction sites, prisons, airports, office buildings, factories, scenic spots, stations, etc.