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Public transportation
Optical flap barrier-Metro station, HongKong
Application:Metro station in Indonesia
Turnstile Gate:Optical flap barrier gate
Access Control System:RFIC card

An access turnstile vendor from Indonesia gained a metro access control system project and mll sidewalk ngates for several entrances and exits of a local metro line.

Why choose optical flap barrier gate for public transportation?
It is obviously that people always choose optical flap barrier gates for public transportations such as metro, bus stations, and docks. Why? We need to analyze from two aspects,one is the characteristics of public transportation hubs, and the other is the features of flap barrier gates. Metro station is an indispensable public facility for many people to go out, making it convenient for many people to travel. At the same time, metro station is also a place with a lot of people, especially during peak hours. The speed of ticket inspection directly affects the number of passengers at the station. The traditional ticket verification no longer meet the requirements of the station. It is inefficient and easy to interfere with. Passengers are also easy to evade fares. Furthermore, data cannot be systematically recorded and inquired.
Therefore, it is necessary to use the channel wing gate ticket checkin
g system to help check tickets, ensure orderly and fast passage, make room for the station, and avoid passengers from accumulating at the station. 

Here are some features of optical flap barrier that ensures it suitable for public station:
1) Reliable movement planning, soft and silent opening and closing of the gate, no mechanical conflict. Smooth operation and long service life
1. Super bright flashing direction indicator.
2. Reliable movement planning, soft and silent opening and closing of the gate, no mechanical conflict. Smooth operation and long service life.
3. Support up to 32 sets of infrared radiation devices to prevent pedestrians from illegally entering the passage and ensure that pedestrians pass safely and smoothly.
4. Flap barrier gate has reliable safety protection measures and a four-fold anti-pinch plan. A. Infrared anti-pinch; B. Logical anti-pinch during traffic; C. Return when blocked; D. Soft door physical anti-pinch.
5. After the swing panel is hit, it can still be reset actively and protect the movement.
6. Select advanced digital sensors, and the motor provides 720 signal monitoring per revolution, which satisfies the requirements of the motor to quickly start and stop.
7. The speed of the wing door can be customized by the debugging software. The fast door opening and closing speed of up to 0.2 seconds improves the passing speed of passengers.