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Optical flap gate-Company, China
Application:JNEP Company, China
Turnstile Gate:Optical flap gate
Access Control System:RFID

The Macrosafe MS04Y flap gate is the control equipment for the flow of people, all made of 304 stainless steel, designed in accordance with international standards for moisture, dust, and water resistance; the box body is based on standardized design, laser cutting, opening, one-time molding technology, mechanized wire drawing process, Modular docking, easy to install, unload and maintain, and high degree of interchangeability. It is used in places where people's exit and entrance need to be controlled, such as canteens, hotels, museums, gymnasiums, clubs, subways, stations, docks and other places. The use of wing gates can make people flow through the passage in an orderly manner.