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Optical swing gate-Telecommunications company,Korea
Application:Telecommunications company,South Korea
Turnstile Gate:Optical flap gate

Access Control System:RFID+QR code+Coin

One of our ustomers from South Korea purchased 25pcs MS02B swing gates and installed them in serveral telecommunication companies as entrance solution. After receiving the goods, with our cooperation, the customer verified the stability of the infrared, motor, motherboard and other components of the turnstile, and they all met the requirements set by the customer. Each of Macrosafe's turnstiles has undergone 5-10 million cycle aging tests, -40℃ to +80℃ high and low temperature tests, transportation vibration tests, and violent tests. Only when these tests are passed will they be put into production. Maintaining the spirit of excellence, rigor and conscientiousness, enables us to gain the compliment and trust from our customers.

(The picture below shows the customer on-site commissioning of turnstiles )

What kind of features do MS02B optical swing barrier gate has?

* Photoelectric sensors detects including unauthorized entry, tailgating , illegal intrusion, reverse intrusion, etc;

* Ensure that children pass safely with two of sensors specially for detecting them;

* Swing arms will lock automatically if nobody enter within 5s(Can be set);

* Passage width from 600-900mm, suitable for wheelchairs and prams;

* Unique DC brushless motor ensures MCBF of 8 million cycles;

* Can be integrated with any type of access control systems;

* Simple installation, operation and maintenance.

What applicaitons does MS02B optical swing barrier suitable for?

MS02B Optical swing barrier gate is always a nice choice for projects where needs both elegant design, durability and cost-effectiveness, such as companies, public buildings and cultural institutions. Advanced optical sensors allows to detect tailgating, unauthorized entry, illegal intrusion, reverse intrusion and more which meets higher security requirements. Moreover, its unique brushless motor brings MCBF of 8 millions cycles ensures a long service life even in the harsh working environments.  With intuitive, colored LED lights and transparent swing barrier(available in Plexi-glass or tempered glass),it can clearly guides the users when and where to enter.