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Optical Swing Turnstile gates-Fuxin Bank, China
Application:Shunde Science and Technology Innovation Center, China
Turnstile Gate:Optical flap gate
Access Control System:RFID

On March 9, 2020, the "Top 100 Chinese Banks in 2019" was released, and Fuxin Bank ranked 97th. Fuxin Bank has always believed that a good corporate governance structure is the fundamental guarantee for the development of the bank. For many years, Fuxin and his party have also paid great attention to the continuous improvement of the corporate governance structure. It is one of the city commercial banks in the Northeast that have fully carried out corporate governance work earlier.

MS02B swing gates are widely used in various scenarios, mainly used for entrances and exits in various public places, and the channel width is wider than other channel gates, so most swing gate channels can be used to manage the access for pedestrians, bicycles, electric vehicles, baby strollers and other non-motorized vehicles.