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Optical Swing Turnstile-Jingdong Logistics Park, China
Application: Zhengzhou Asia No. 1 Smart Logistics Park, China
Turnstile Gate:Optical swing gate
Access Control System:Face recognition camera

Zhengzhou Asia No. 1 Jingdong Intelligent Logistics Park, which integrates the functions of material distribution, warehousing and processing, operation settlement, multimodal transportation, urban distribution, information processing, and supporting services. It is the largest Jingdong Logistics in the Central Plains of China. Logistics hub.This time, macrosafe MS02B swing gates with face recognition devices have been installed in the business area, supporting service area and warehouse distribution area of Zhengzhou Asia No. 1 Smart Logistics Park, to restrict the entry of unauthorized entry.

Here are the detailed parameters of MS02B swing gate:
1) Size: 1400*185*1010mm;
2) Material: thickness 1.2 mm, 304 stainless steel;
3) The channel width is 600mm-900mm;
4) Passing speed: 35p/m;
5) Unlocking time: 0.2 seconds;
6) Input voltage: 100-240V;
7) Drive voltage: 24V;
8) Opening signal input: dry contact.