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Optical wing gate-Residential complex, China
Application:Yitang No.1, China
Turnstile Gate:optical wing gate
Access Control System:Face Recognition + RFID card

This time our customer chose MS06S wing gate and installed them in the entrance and exit of a resdential complex called Yitang No.1 in Yichun city, which help the community property department to effectively control and manage every person entering and exiting the community, but also through corresponding identification, such as fingerprint recognition, face recognition, ID card recognition, credit card recognition, etc., to prevent unauthorized access. While this function prevents illegal acts such as petty theft and robbery in the community, it also avoids the occurrence of strangers entering the community due to errors in manual inspection by traditional security personnel. In addition, MS06S also has a good anti-tailing function, strictly following the principle of one person at a time, ensuring the standardization and safety of people who living in the resdential complex.