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Public transportation
Speed gate-Changi airport,Singapore

Application: Changi Airport, Singapore
Turnstile Gate: Speed Gate
Access Control System:Face Recognition + Temperature detection 

Singapore Changi Airport, located in Changi, Singapore, covers an area of about 130,000 square kilometers. The'Stars of Changi' is the finishing touch of this airport. The land area is approximately 135,700 square meters, which fully interprets Singapore's reputation as an "urban garden", and has been rated as the world’s best airport for seven consecutive years.

In 2020, the global epidemic of Covid-19 broke out, with more than 80 million people infected, affecting 80% of jobs and causing the lockdown of billions of people.In order to prevent and control the epidemic, localities have adopted the most stringent prevention and control measures in the world. Now, whether you are entering or leaving the community or the supermarket, the vegetable market must take your body temperature, not to mention the train station/airport.
Many countries have implemented entry security checks at airports such as temperature measurement.
Our customer from Singapore purchased 36 pcs of MS02S speed gates and 72 facial temperature cameras, and installed them with gate security system. at the important entrances and exits of Singapore Changi Airport.

Speed Gate Project in Singapore
Macrosafe speed gate with face recognition&human body temperature detection camera can quickly detect the maximum temperature of a person's face within 30-50 cm without contact, and pedestrians do not need to stop. This gate security system docking platform automatically tracks, automatically alarms, and quickly and efficiently detects and controls the epidemic.

Temperature detection camera--MS2.0FR
Temperature detection camera--MS2.0FR
3 core functions
Face recognition: Built-in database, can complete the comparison of captured faces in real time locally, generate a log of the comparison results, and upload the back-end database
Access control: Based on the result of face recognition, control the access switch to realize personnel management in the control area
Body temperature detection: The device has a built-in body temperature monitoring module, which can monitor body temperature at the same time during face recognition to obtain body temperature related data.
Speed gate--MS03S
Slimmest design: With only 12cm wide cabinet, MS03S speed gate is an ideal solution for applications where there is limited space and needs a gate security system.
Fast throughput: The enhanced brushless motor runs smoothly and silently, which also ensures fast throughput especially suitable for high-traffic areas such as metro stations, airports, and parks.
High glass panels: The glass panels of MS03S speed gate can be customized up to 1.6 meters which can efficiently avoid pedestrians from climbing over without authorization. In addition, the width of the passageway can be 900mm at maximum, offering wide lanes for groups of visitors, the transport of materials, and wheelchair users.

Speed gate--MS03S
Before shipment, we will carry out rigorous debugging and aging of each equipment, so as to ensure that our customers will not have any unexpected situations when they get them. Our engineers prepared the following documents for this project to cover installation instructions so that customers can install and debug more smoothly. At the same time, macrosafe engineers provide timely and effective guidance through whatsApp, email, and remote control.

1.    There are six sets of six passageway turnstile gates in total, from A to F.

Each set has 7 pcs of turnstile gates, including 2 pcs of single motor (left and right side) and 5 pcs of double motors(middle)

Please place the turnstile gates in order, you can find the marks on the gate/carton/wooden case, such as (refer to the image on
the right)

six sets of six passageway


adapter for the camera

2. There is already an adapter for the camera installed inside the gate(refer to the red circle) which is connected to the power supply, you just need to connect to the camera after the camera is installed on the gate

(One additional adapter inside the camera packing box just for backup, no need to install inside the speed gates.


3. Connect the Host controller and Slaved controller in the same lane( you can find the same number label on the controller box, refer to the image on the left) with a 3-core wire(provided in the accessories, refer to the image in the middle) through the black port(refer to the red circle of the image on the right)

4.    Connect the camera and turnstile controller, refer to the newest version wiring diagram.

5.    Finally connect the power supply of the turnstile gate to AC220V with a power cable(prepared by yourself)

6.    Power on. And done.
Speed Gate Project in Singapore

After the customer received the goods, they were installed very smoothly, and they have been working normally for 3 year. The stability of Macrosafe products has gained the trust of many customers from home and abroad, which is due to our strict quality management system. Including designated brand procurement of raw materials, professional R&D team, and strict production process. For example, our power supply is Taiwan MEANWELL brand, the bearing is made in Germany, the core controller chip is ST company, etc. Welcome to inquiry for more details.