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Speed gate-Commercial buildings, Malaysia
Application:Commercial buildings, Malaysia
Turnstile Gate:Speed Gate
Access Control System: RFID system + Face Recognition Camera

Malaysian customers chose Macrosafe speed gate combined with face recognition equipment to install in a local commercial building. The cabinet is as thin as 120mm wide, occupying less installation area and providing a more elegant user experience. The color-changing prompt light in the tempered glass can let passersby know more intuitively whether the passage is allowed and improve user-friendliness. As the best suppliers of speed gates in Malaysia, Macrosafe's speed gates have always been well received by customers, elegant design, smooth operation, simple installation, extremely low maintenance cost and so on all explain why customers choose Macrosafe speed gates.
speed gate
In fact, the grades of express doors in the market are not uniform, and the price is not a unified price. First of all, if we want to understand the price of express doors, we must know what are the components of express doors? The speed gate is composed of a box body, a swing arm, a movement, a control part and an auxiliary module.

1. Cabinet
The material of the chassis is very important, which protects the internal components such as the movement and the control module, and plays a supporting role. The selection of materials should be considered to be strong, beautiful, not easy to deform, scratch-resistant, anti-scratch, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, and easy to process and fix. Unlike individual manufacturers who choose 201 stainless steel in order to reduce costs, Macrosafe only uses 304 or 316 stainless steel, which has stronger rust and corrosion resistance. Auxiliary materials include plexiglass, tempered glass, etc.

high speed gate
2. Swing arm
It acts as a block when pedestrians are not allowed to pass, and opens when pedestrians are allowed to pass. It is generally realized in the form of a door or a bar. The material selection mainly considers sturdiness and has a certain bearing capacity, but its own bearing capacity will not cause too much harm to people.

3. Mechanism
It is composed of various mechanical parts (including drive motor, clutch, encoder, etc.), and uses mechanical principles to control the opening and closing of the swing arm. The key factors affecting the performance and service life of the movement include processing technology and materials, but the most important thing is the drive motor and the matching reducer.

4. Control part
The control part realizes the control of various electrical components and driving motors. The main control CPU of the Macrosafe speed gate mainboard adopts ARM7 chip, which has fast running speed and strong control function. The professional motor control circuit ensures the stable and reliable operation of the driving equipment. Different effects can be obtained by setting parameters.

5. Auxiliary module
Including indicator lights, infrared radiation module, voice prompt module, etc.

These 5 parts determine the grade of the speed gate, which in turn determines the price of the speed gate.
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