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Speed gate-Dongyu building, China
Application:Dongyu building, China
Turnstile Gate:Speed gate
Access Control System:RFID card

Dongyu Building, the core Grade A office building of Tianshui New Government Affairs Circle, is adjacent to the front line of the river and enjoys the green ecological office inside. Fully adopts LOW-E panoramic glass curtain wall, which organically combines architectural aesthetics, architectural functions, business temperament and other factors .Comprehensive internal and external training, comprehensively enhance the corporate image.
Bring the most comfortable office conditions for enterprises and lead the frontier business era in Tianshui!

Customer purchased Macrosafe MS05S speed gate for controlling interior saffs. With slimmest and elegant design, MS05S is an ideal solution for high end commercial buildings.

Here are features of MS05S speed gate:
  1. Made of 304# stainless steel profile, the surface is processed by wire drawing and fine planing process, the profile thickness is 2.0MM
  2. Adopt encoder digital positioning, open door positioning;
  3. Adopting brake lock and anti-collision design
  4, independent research and development of vertical anti-collision movement
   5. Adopt China's industry-leading brushless DC motor
  6, World's TOP3 power supplier Taiwan MEANWELL
  Technical Parameters:
   Product size: diameter 168*1015 high mm
  Material: SUS304 brushed stainless steel 2.0mm;
   Channel width: 600-1200mm
   Drive mode: digital mode;
  Working environment: -25℃~+75℃;
   Passing speed: 45-50 people/minute;
   MCBF: 10 million times