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Speed gate-Fitness Club, Norway
  Application:Fitness Club, Norway
Turnstile Gate:Speed Gate
Access Control System: Integrate with client's own access control system

Here is a customer from Norway, who needs high glass speed gate for his own fitness clubs. The customer asked for high quality with aesthetic design, and  meanwhile it can provide user friendliness. Then, he chose Macrosafe speed gate MS05S .
high glass speed gate

MS01S speed gates  are equipped with servo motor which provides MCBF up to 10 millions cycles and mute operations. With the 1.2 meter high tempered glass, MS01S speed gate effectively prevent authorized person from climbing over the gates. And there is green/red light in frond of the gates which clearly indicate the right passage for people. 

Some new users may worry about whether the installation will be very complicated and whether it requires professional electrician knowledge, but in fact the installation of Macrosafe speed gates is very simple, 95% of the wiring has been completed before delivery, basically customers only need Just connect the cable and power cord, no professional knowledge is required. Moreover, Macrosafe has a professional technical team to provide online technical support, so the installation definitely not a problem need to be considered.
Installation steps of the speed gate:
1. Determine the position: determine the installation position of the speed gate
2. Wiring: The specific wiring of power lines and online lines should be reasonable and neat. The cables need to be kept horizontal or vertical, and the strong and weak electricity should be separated into different pipes.
3. Placement: Place the speed gate to the predetermined installation location
4. Punching holes: Draw fixing holes and fix the speed gate to the floor with expansion screws
5. Wiring: fix the speed gate and wire the gate (power cable and connection cable)
6. Debugging: power-on self-check of the speed gate
7. Test; check whether the infrared induction, anti-trailing, anti-retrograde, anti-submarine and other functions are normal when entering and leaving the channel
8. Data: According to the access control system used (biometric identification, QR code, RFID card, etc.), the authorized data is issued