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Speed gate-Goverment building, Thainland
Application:Goverment buliding, Thainland
Turnstile Gate:Optical speed gate
Access Control System:Face recognition + RFID

There are 4 passageways of speed gates installed in one goverment buliding in Thailand. People need to be recognized face in the entrance direion, and swipe RFID card to go out . 

The development of speed gate
Pedestrian barrier gates can be divided into different types such as speed gates, swing gates, flap gates, tripod turnstile and full height turnstiles. Among them, speed gates have the highest quality and the finest workmanship. When the speed gate was born, it uniquely inherited some advanced elements of tripod turnstile, swing gate or and flap barrier. It can be said that speed gate is the new generation of pedestrian barrier gate that on the shoulders of "giants" with the combinations of multiple technologies.
Macrosafe is a leader in manufacturing speed gates. The scheme of the speed pass door is usually determined according to the actual situation of the site and the specific needs of the customer. Nowadays, the speed gate adopts authorization control to restrict the entry and exit of personnel, and uses complex anti-trailing tracking control technology, which can quickly and accurately determine whether someone is following up. The speed gate manufacturer strictly prevents the entry of unauthorized personnel. In turn, strict and effective management of personnel is realized, and the security and security functions of the access door are truly realized.

How to install the speed gate?
1. Determine the installation location of speed gate;
2. The specific wiring of power cords, network cables, and online cables should be reasonably and neatly arranged. The cable needs to be kept horizontal or vertical, and protected and fixed by casing;
3. Place the speed gates in order
4. Draw holes and fix them with expansion screws;
5. After fixing the speed gate, connect the turnstile (power cable,connecting cable);
6. Power on and debug the speed gates