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speed gate-Hotel, Mexico
Application:Hotel, Mexico
Turnstile Gate:Speed gate
Access Control System:RFID

A customer from Mexico needed to install a pedestrian gate for a local hotel. The pedestrian access control system will be used in the VIP floor of the hotel. Only VIP users can enter with an authorized card. It restricts access to non-Vip users and better protects the comfort and privacy of VIP users. In order to match the mordern and elegant image of the hotel, our sales The former engineer recommended to the customer to use our MS01S speed gate.

Why we recommend the MS01S Speed gate?What features does speed gates have?
1.Combines high security and aesthetics in the slimmest design, Macrosafe speed gate offers high level of user comfort for where need not just "gate" but a decoration.
2. Simple and easy to use. Existing access control management personnel only need to go through simple training to be able to work, and the maintenance personnel of the speed-pass door can find the fault through a few simple operations, which can be quickly and conveniently eliminated;
3. Low overall cost. From the perspective of installation, debugging and wiring, the use of TCP/IP transmission can reduce a lot of investment. In addition, the short construction period saves wire and labor costs, and is very easy to maintain. Therefore, the use of channel gate access control The system has more advantages in cost;
4. More pratical. The speed gate adopts a non-contact smart IC card, also known as a radio frequency card, which successfully solves the problems of multi-use, confidentiality, no wear and easy operation of the IC card, greatly improves the practicability of the system, and can perform multiple operations on a single card. Sub-authorization, anti-trailing gates can be used for other aspects of application management. Such as attendance, visitors, consumption, parking management, patrol, personnel, etc.;
5. Convenient for expansion. The computer and the intelligent management system adopt wireless communication, and the number of channels can be expanded at will by the speed-pass door. That is, when the corresponding control system is installed, if the number of speed-pass doors and elevator control equipment needs to be increased, the hardware only needs to increase the corresponding channel gates, and the software can set the new equipment.
6. Swinging door wing design, the door wing is closed in front of pedestrians when the door wing is closed due to unauthorized entry. Will not cause harm to the human body due to pedestrians avoiding in time. The door wing is driven by a servo motor, the driving process is gentle, and the rotating torque is constant and less than 120NM. When the door wing is closed due to unauthorized entry, it can ensure that the impact force will not cause harm to the human body. It is safer and more reliable than other operating methods.
7. In an emergency, when congestion occurs, the door wings can be pushed forward under the strong pressure of the crowd, and the door can be safely evacuate without causing accidental casualties.